Style Your Feet This Summer

Natural remedies to make sure you have the best looking feet on the beach this summer 

Beautiful Legs and Feet

One of the parts of our bodies that can be most overlooked are our feet. How much do we think about foot care? 

Quite often we see even the most glamourous models and celebrities with ill fitting shoes and pictured with the most unsightly feet with bunions and corns and calluses. 

Many people are having foot surgery to rectify years of neglect. Our feet may also suffer from having a serious illness or injury and even diabetes and poor circulation can have a damaging effect.  Our feet are made up of 26 bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, skin, blood vessels and nerves.  Its functions are to support the weight of the body or lever it off the ground.  It is a marvel of body engineering and this was mentioned by da Vinci himself.  We know that the feet are the hardest working part of the body and on average lift a total of at least ten cars of coal weight daily. Therefore by taking a few hours a week and using herbs that are growing naturally in your garden or items in your store cupboard you can ensure you have the most beautiful and cared for and healthy feet. 

Foot care


With wooden floors in our homes, this can often have a damaging effect on our feet, especially when walking around barefoot.  Another culprit for neglecting our feet is quite often in the family home a shower is more in use than having a bath and of course as you shower we are standing, so the feet again get overlooked.  Also as you get older it can be difficult and a chore to get into a bath without some support.  So the shower is seen as a much easier and safer option. 

So what steps can we take to make sure that our feet are part of our daily care routine. 

This practical article is to help get your feet in tip top condition in 7 days or less.  


Summer Feet


Equipment you will need – 

A foot Spa – Not essential but quite often it is one of those items that is often given as a gift and put away in a cupboard.

All you need is an old washing up bowl if you do not have a foot spa.

Cider Vinegar

Sea Salt

Olive Oil 

Small pair of sharp scissors or proper nail cutters

Orange Sticks

Towel - 

Pumice stone

Any Moisturising cream 

Fresh Mint or Peppermint oil

If you have a cold or the start of one - crush a few garlic bulbs in a garlic press and add to the very hot water: (Be warned that within hours you will have the smell of garlic on your breath from absorbing through your feet!)

If you are feeling jaded and need some energy use some fresh basil.  Basil is a herb that is very easy to grow and even if you live in an apartment you can grow this in a small pot on a windowsill.

If you have very rough skin mix the sea salt and olive oil so that it is like a paste and apply to the rough areas and rub in and leave for at least an hour before following the routine below:

1.With boiling water – add a tablespoon of salt and a tablespoon of cider vinegar – also add the herbs of your choice -                                    

Herbs Natural Footcare

2. Allow the water to cool so that you can add your feet and just relax.  Keep your feet soaked for as long as you can.

3. Once you have soaked your feet – dry thoroughly and make sure you dry well between the toes.

4. Using the pumice stone on all the rough areas of skin – gently brush the dead skin away.  Try to make sure you have your feet on a towel as you do this.  If your toe nails are really hard and look very rough.  Gently use the pumice stone to file down the hard nail on the top of the nail bed.  If at any point you feel anything or slight pain, then stop this immediately.  Often if the nail bed has accumulated a build up of very hard nail, (often referred to as club nail or rams horn nail) you will not feel anything.  If you keep persisting in this routine on a daily basis then you will find your nails will have some normality after several days treatment.

5. Now also cut and trim your toe nails while they are nice and soft and using the orange sticks push the cuticles of your feet back gently.  

6.  Now apply the moisturising cream to your feet and ankles and really massage this in.


Footprints in the sand



Follow this routine daily for seven days and then continue monthly and you will begin to see a great improvement in your feet.  It should also make you feel a lot more relaxed and is a great way of de-stressing after a hard day at work.