Summer jobs abroad are not to hard to come by, even student overseas work is pretty reachable when searching for a job. If you are having a tough time finding student overseas work, than look no further. Here you will find a list of five great student overseas work ideas for you to ponder and research.

Camp Counselor- #1 Summer Job Abroad

Become a camp counselor at any one of the beautiful camps overseas. You can assist in helping with young children, or even teenage children while at the camp. Other areas of help as a camp counselor could be outdoor activities coordinator, indoor activities coordinator, or a guidance counselor to those who are in need of one. Whichever you choose, becoming a camp counselor overseas during summer break is an ideal job for any high school students or college students. This type of job takes little training and just the willingness to lead children and have a good time.

Au Pair Job- #2 Type of Summer Job Abroad for Students

Finding an au pair job overseas is probably one of the most common summer jobs high school students or college students can find. An au pair job is a job where the student lives with a host family overseas and gets free board and rent in return for household duties needed by the host family. Often times an au pair job involves helping with childcare. Not only do you get to live in with the family whose children you are watching, you get to get paid on a weekly basis doing something that is very fun and quite simple. An au pair is an easy summer job abroad idea for students looking for a new and fun experience overseas.

Domestic Hotel Staff- #3 Student Summer Job Abroad Idea

Domestic staff positions at some of the most luxurious hotels in world can be one of the most memorable overseas jobs for most college students. These hotels are usually rated three stars and up and can offer many different positions at various pay scales. Not only will you enjoy the work you are doing, you can also use it for future reference when applying for other jobs as well. As far as summer jobs abroad for students this would be one of the better ones to get. This summer job would be more difficult to obtain then some of the others on the list.

Teaching English- #4 Summer Abroad Job Idea For Students

Are you majoring in English? If so, then you could apply for a job overseas teaching those who want to learn to speak English. Many schools and colleges love for American students to come over seas to help with teaching English to others. The pay and the benefits are outstanding, and the list for summer jobs is never-ending. This summer broad job could be a great experience while working with the education system in another country. In turn, the student could try to learn the language or culture of the host country.

Overseas Ski Resort Job- #5 Summer Job Abroad Idea for Students

Love to ski, why not get a summer job at a major ski resort overseas. College students and high schools students are more than welcome to apply to any ski resort over seas to work during their days off during summer. Working or even volunteering at a ski resort overseas gives you the opportunity to make some money during time off, as well as make friends you will keep for a lifetime. This would be a fun and creative way to get a summer job abroad!

Whether you become a camp counselor, au pair, or even a teacher's helper, these jobs and many more are perfect for those who are looking for student overseas work. These summer jobs abroad are perfect for any high school students, and college student who are looking for an internship, or just a regular summer job to make extra money and have an experience of a lifetime.