Have you ever thought about working in the summer to earn some extra income? I know it is not your dream, but you can earn some nice money because there are many summer jobs for high school students. Whether you want to work at a teen's summer camp or do a high school summer program, you can have fun, make money, and love what you do. Summer jobs for high school students can be hard to come by in small towns, but with enough perseverance, you can find one.


This is, without a doubt, the most fun summer job for high school students. You get paid pretty well and you get a sexy tan. Plus, everyone wants to be a lifeguard! You are out in the sun all day, and you often get paid more than minimum wage. You can even make extra money with parties and lessons, so if you are looking for summer jobs for high school students this might be the job for you.

The only hold back on being a lifeguard is that you must get your CPR license, which only takes a few days, and your lifeguarding license. The lifeguarding license requires intensive swimming and practice drills, so make sure you are a strong swimmer. If you were like me, a young man wanting a summer job for a high school student, then you would love this job.

Summer Nanny Jobs

No, this is not The Nanny from Nick at Night! There are great summer jobs for high school students available in this position. If you love children, then this will definitely be a great job for you. Women are usually especially good at this, though I knew men that were great babysitters themselves. Working a summer nanny job earns great pay, but the hours can be very inconsistent and there can be high levels of stress based on the children's behavior.

A helpful tip to pick up a summer nanny job is to get your name out. Parents want people they can trust, so try hitting up your church or maybe your parent's friends. This can be a great summer job for high school students.

Teen's Summer Camp

Do you remember going to summer camp and having an awesome counselor? Me neither. That is why working at a teen's summer camp would be a great summer job for high school students because you can be an amazing one. You will get to work with teens and make a difference in their lives. If nothing else, you can pick on the teens like your counselor's picked on you. There is great pay, but not the best, so you must really want to change lives is this is the summer job for high school students for you.

Student Volunteer Work

This is considered a job to many. You might not get paid for doing volunteer work, but this might be the most prestigious summer job for high school students. You get to network, so that if a job opening occurs, you might get the job. Also, it really just makes you feel good when you give back to the community that gave so much to you. Student volunteer work might not be your cup of tea, but it can change lives and help people tremendously. Don't neglect student volunteer work because it can look great on college applications, job resumes, and it can be of the most interesting summer jobs for high school students because you are helping others.

Anyone of these summer jobs for high school students will help you fill up all that free time now available. Whether you choose to do student volunteer work or follow in my footsteps and become a lifeguard, you should know that having a summer job for high school students is a productive use of your time.

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