Summer entertainment season is almost here and who doesn't want to add a little pizzazz to your home? LED lighting can offer the interior and exterior of your home a quick and affordable makeover, just in time for July 4th barbecues, graduation parties, summer pool fun and other backyard extravaganzas. Below are just a few ways you can use LED lights to brighten your home for the summer.

1. Pathway Lighting

Outdoor pathway lighting can add warmth and security to your outdoor landscaping. You can use them to highlight your plantings and trees as well as define the outdoor walkways and steps, making it less likely for you or your guests to trip on an uneven surface or slip on a wet pool surround.

2. Under-the-Counter Lights.

There are hundreds of uses for LED rope lighting. One of the most decorative is adding these easy-to-install lights under the lip of a counter or kitchen island. That way you can dim or extinguish the overhead lights after you're done cooking and have another source of lightening to augment the candles on the dinner or buffet table. Take this idea a step further and install a dimmer control with the rope lighting

3. Festive Tree Wraps

Holiday lights aren't just for Christmas and New Year's Eve. Strands of LED lights wrapped around the branches of your backyard trees can transform your ho-hum patio to a romantic oasis. If the summer canopy of your trees is too full for lights, you can tightly wrap the tree trunks and still get a festive effect. House plants can also be wrapped to give your indoor rooms a party look.

4. Lights in a Bottle

Another festive use for strands of holiday LED lights is to use them to create lighted wine (or other) bottles. These make unique and romantic-looking centerpieces or accent decorations. To do this, soak the labels off of the bottle, drill a quarter-size hole near the base of the bottle using a glass cutter, and insert the lights. It will look like you captured a handful of fireflies.

5. Staircase Lighting

Just as outdoor pathway lights add beauty and security to your landscape walkways, indoor LED lighting can add warmth and safety to your staircases. Consider stringing rope lighting alongside the stairway or add single lights underneath each tread.

6. Illuminated Coffee Tables

Strip LED lights with colored bulbs can turn an ordinary glass coffee table into a 21st-century modern art piece that your guests won't be able to stop taking about. You can also coordinate the color with the occasion, such as red, white and blue for an Independence Day bash.

Don't think you can't add a little zest to your home this season because funds are tight. LED lights can brighten and add a new dimension to any home for less than your expect.