Plans for a Delightful Summer Picnic


Summer is the Perfect Time for a Picnic

      When summer comes along, though it can be very hot, it can also be a time to stop and smell the roses. A time to enjoy life and the best way to do that is by having a picnic. Just beware of Yogi Bear and any other animal whether you go to a park or enjoy a picnic in your own backyard.

      The picnic could be a family picnic, a reunion picnic, a picnic with friends or a romantic picnic for two. Cindy Bear would certainly love it if Yogi Bear planned a romantic picnic for them. She'd have enjoyed one, even though the Ranger would prefer that Yogi Bear stopped his pilfering of park guests picnic baskets. Then again, when has Yogi Bear ever listened to Ranger Smith or the warnings of his pal Booboo or anyone else? He's far too addicted to the yummy treats found inside a picnic basket.


The Hazards of a Summertime Picnic

     There are other hazards that can plague people trying to enjoy a lovely picnic in the summer, besides Yogi Bear, who is just a fictional cartoon character. That doesn't mean real wild bears wont try to get their claws on a picnic basket if they smell something appetizing to them. Still, one should never deliberately feed a bear, or any other wild animal for that matter. It can cause problems, because of habituation. Problems which can lead to possible human causalities, because the animals stop fearing the humans.

      Other hazards of a picnic, include the dreaded ant. Any and all types of ants are drawn to whatever they can consume. An entire colony of worker ants could wind up completely covering the picnic blanket, table or even just the basket. Some ants are more dangerous than others and can cause serious injury to a human, worst of all are those found over in parts of Africa and Asia, the siafu ant (also known as the driver ant or safari ant). The siafu ant wouldn't mind making a meal out of a human.

     Another intruder of picnics, while flies are a pest, its the bees which can really freak people out. Bees sting and some people are allergic to their sting whether they know it or not. Some people have even accidentally gotten a bee in their mouth, because they weren't looking too well when they took a swig of their sugary beverage. If there's honey involved, be sure that the bees will be drawn and thus it might be a good idea to avoid bringing honey along. Other than your honey if its a romantic picnic date, of course.

How to Plan a Picnic

     First, one should take note of the weather patterns and plan accordingly. No one wants to go on a picnic, only to have it start raining shortly after they've arrived at their destination. It's happened, but a good percentage of the time the weather forecast is a good indicator. Not always, as predicting the weather is not completely a precise science, though its come close to being so. Yogi Bear probably didn't like rainy days, because park visitors probably wouldn't show up. Although there was always a chance of raiding an RV in hopes of finding a picnic basket. He'd find some way to lure the humans out so that he or Booboo could sneak in a pilfer any picnic baskets there might be inside.

     Secondly, one should choose a location. Not any random location either, but a location which has been researched. An area which one has gone to physically in order to make sure the research checks out. Survey the area to see if there are any nearby bee hives or anything more dangerous that one would like to avoid. After all a picnic, whether its in the summer or some other season, safety is key as it always is. A good location would certainly be one where there is no bear named Yogi, but other safety precautions are necessary too. Such as not going to a spot where one could potentially pick up a case of poison ivy or poison oak which are summertime nuisances.

Park Picnic

     Thirdly, one should then tell anyone else about the plan if they're wanting to take them on the picnic with them. If its to be a romantic date, asking them on a date should be next on the to-do list. A person could tell their date its to be a picnic, or leave it as a surprise, but not everyone likes surprises and some might not even like the idea of a picnic.

     Fourth, one then should after making sure the weather will be good and that the location is safe begin making a list of food and beverage items. That is if one isn't going to be going on the picnic alone, but they could still go if they really wanted to. With a list one will know what to purchase the day before so that they can start on making the food. Maybe potato salad and macaroni salad with some delicious sandwiches. Adding fruit to the mix and some pudding or jell-o would make for a fine picnic basket. One should never overlook vegetables. Carrots and celery are a good and easy choice of vegetable to consume while enjoying a picnic in the summer. A beverage shouldn't be overlooked either. Depending on the ages of each individual who will be enjoying the picnic, it could be wine or beer, or instead could be water, fruit juice or a soft drink. Milk works too. However, if the picnic takes place hours away it might be a good idea to have a cooler filled with ice. This way the beverages and anything else that needs to stay cool, stays cool until its time to enjoy them.

     Lastly, after the picnic basket has been prepared and everyone is ready to go, making sure there's a clean cloth or blanket with the basket is a good idea. That way if food falls, it falls on something clean. Don't forget to take a trash bag, because some areas might not have any. Do not litter. Do not pollute. Whatever a person takes to the site of their picnic, they need to take back out with them and dispose of the trash properly. This way, everyone, human, animal and plant alike can enjoy the summer.