Summer is the time when we are all a little bit different than usually. It's warm outside, we spend a lot of time outdoors and we hang around with people more often than during the rest of the year. Summer is also the best season to go somewhere new, time when we travel to various places, and get to know foreign countries, their culture and citizens. It all makes us more prone to romantic atmosphere that sandy beaches, mountain landscapes and ancient ruins create. No wonder that this kind of mood fosters summer romances which, in some cases result in serious relationships.

We are on holidays abroad in an exotic place and we meet this special person. It can be a local or someone who, just like us enjoys summer vacation. It usually starts from conversations in the hotel terrace with an umbrella drinks in your hands. Then you meet in the evenings to dance at the beach parties. After a couple of days you are already inseparable and spend every minute of the day together. You go sightseeing together, sneak off for track bicycle trips to romantic places and spend hours there just enjoying the time spent together. You don't say anything out loud, but both of you are already scared of the moment you will have to say goodbye.

Many people claim it is impossible to make summer romance last longer than these couple of weeks you are together. The truth is we have to decide if we want to continue or not. It all depends on factors like the distance between you, whether you are involved in another relationship with someone else or not and your own feelings of course. In many cases such a romance is only special and magic in the beautiful scenery and during carefree holidays. Once we come back home we realize we don't feel for that person anymore and we must have been crazy to even start anything like this.

In some cases we go totally crazy and after coming home can't think of anything else but our love. We miss this person terribly and try to be in touch with them many times during the day. We write hundreds of text messages waiting for the answer with beating heart; we wait for the evening to come when we can talk via webcam and finally see each other online. Then comes a moment when we can't wait any longer and we decide to meet again. It doesn't matter how far we live from each other, we can do anything in the world just to see our love again. When we finally do, everything seems to be perfect again and we are insanely happy, at least for a while.

Such a romance can still continue for a couple of months or even years. We will miss each other, write to each other and talk to each other until we can meet again. But it can't last forever. Sooner or later we will want to do something about it – either stop it and start a normal life with someone who is closer to us or decide that we should start living together so one of us has to move.

It is never easy and actually every decision we make will cause some pain. Some summer romances simply die a natural death after some time and that is maybe the best thing that can happen. We won't have to choose and suffer constantly but we will always have beautiful memories connected with that special person.