Oregon is one of the most beautiful places to visit, especially in the summer time. The trees are green, the birds are singing and the sun is shining. The air is fresh and there is much nature to see. There are wildlife like different types of birds, deer, elk and more. Let's not forget the beaches. The sand is firm and the water is clear. 

Bandon Oregon has some of the prettiest beaches. The Inn at Face Rock is a great place to stay. It is right by the beach. In fact, it got it's name because it is by a huge rock that looks like a face. This is one of the popular sights to see in Bandon. 

The beach is a great place to relax with the family. On the beaches in Bandon, shell and rock collecting is very popular. The best time to do this is in the early morning. Bundle up because even in the summer the early morning can be chilly. Many beautiful, unique rocks can be found on these beaches. There might be agate, jade and many other types of rocks. These rocks can be made into jewelry or other decorations. They can also be collected as cheap souvenirs. 

Many people like to take boats out on the ocean near Bandon beaches. Whale watching and bird watching is a popular activity. Fishing , crabbing and looking for tide pools are other fun activities. There are trails for hiking and jogging at different parts of the beach. Camping is also a cheap way to vacation. 

For those who get tired of the beach, there is some shopping. These shops are located in downtown Bandon which is also by the beach. The Cranberry Sweets Shop is very popular. They give out free samples. They make chocolate covered cranberries grown in Oregon. They also have other types of candy like fudge, mint bark, and a big variety of flavors. The nice thing about the free samples is that it allows people to taste something new without spending money. If they don't like it they don't have to feel like they wasted their money. Many times a person will like the new candy and will buy it. This is why this shop is still in business. They get returning customers and new. 

Downtown Bandon has other shops too. There are art galleries. These are neat to look in. People can see what the locals make like paintings and sculptures. There are also plenty of shops with souvenirs. There are also places to eat like Bandon Bill's and Moe's. These seem to be the two most popular places to eat if a person likes seafood. Moe's is famous for their Clam Chowder. 

There are tours, whale watching boats and a lighthouse. There is also the Bandon museum. There are festivals that go on like the Cranberry festival and the Arts festival. There are also events like the kite flying contest, sandcastle contest and more. Summer is the time when there is always something going on. Bandon beaches are beautiful at anytime, but summer time is the best. August and September seem to be the best month for Oregon beach visits.