Summer Vacation on a Budget

Affordable Summer Trips

School is out and the kids are already asking about summer vacation. Gas prices are rising along with food and housing prices. Have you wondered how you are going to afford this year’sSummer Vacation in Colorado

There are several options to choose from that won't break the bank, so to speak. If you have, more than two kids you might want to consider a few options. One is going camping where you can also share lodging with other relatives or close friends. Many places allow kids, dogs and that offer a variety of activities such as boating, fishing, swimming, horseback riding, and more. If camping isn’t your thing, I have made a few suggestions below that will help you out.

Do some searching online. I am an avid coupon cutter. Once you decide your vacation destination, start hunting for coupons online and in papers that will help with food and entertainment. There are also generous discounts to theme parks or other parks you may be planning to visit.

Save your pennies, dimes and quarters, because they all add up. While change may seem trivial, it adds up quickly! My husband and I saved spare change for one year and had over $300.00 in the 'kitty' to apply towards our vacation.

Jane Morin Vacationing at Sea WorldHave a garage sale. You know the adage, “One person’s junk is another man’s treasure.” That stuff in your garage that is stacking up, and never sees daylight, can turn into hard, cold cash for your fuel tank! 

Stay in a house, cabin or a condominium. In doing a little research, you will discover quickly that spending a week in private lodging is more affordable than at hotels. In addition, private lodging is usually equipped with a full kitchen where meals are cooked, which lends to saving on your food budget!

Buy gas in the bigger cities. If you have ever traveled, you know that gas on the outskirts of towns or smaller populated cities is much more expensive than in larger metro areas. Take time to plan out your trip carefully, knowing exactly where you will gas up. This alone, will save a
considerable amount of time and money.

Stick to your budget. When traveling, it is easy to spend more than planned. Before leaving, set the limit. Know exactly how much your meals, gas, lodging, admission fees are going to cost. Make sure you have an emergency fund set up too!san antonio safari vacation

The main thing to remember about summer vacations is your availability to each other and to the kids. This should be a non-stressful time of getting re-acquainted and not so much about the money. Maybe you will have to go for just a long weekend, instead of an extended vacation. That is okay. There are no set limits on how and where to go for summer trips. Each family’s needs are different. Do not worry about keeping up with your neighbors or friends. Vacation is not about impressing anyone. It is about choosing to be together, and deciding that family is most important. In doing so, you will win both ways. One is saving money, and two, by building stronger family relationships.

Happy Vacationing!

Jane Morin