The Canary Islands for Sun, sea, sand and a whole lot more

The Canary Islands are, understandably, one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe (despite being just off the North African coast). The islands are incredibly luxurious and in many ways decadent with their 5 star resorts, 26 golf courses and some of the most beautiful sun swept beaches in the world. Of the 13 principal islands Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote are the most well-known and famous but you can find plenty of secluded beach spots and beautiful resorts across the other islands. Today I’m going to look at what makes the Canary Islands so popular and why you should definitely consider a beach vacation to these beautiful islands.

The beaches

No doubt the sun, sea and sand is the biggest draw to these beautiful island. The climate is tropical and there is sun for over 90% of the year. The beaches are, however, lined with hotels and incredibly crowded come the summer. But some of the more prestigious (read expensive) resorts have their own private beaches set way from the tourist traps with quieter beaches and exceptional rooms and service. These tiny islands boast over 1,500km of coastline meaning you’re never far from a beautiful beach. Lanzarote’s beaches are amongst the finest within the islands boasting fewer gaudy hotels than the other tourist hot spots. 

The activities

If you like traditional beach fair then the Canary Islands are a paradise. Scuba diving and snorkeling allow you to explore these beautiful waters and get up close to fantastic sea lie. For more adventurous travellers the islands have watersports aplenty from water skiing to parachuting and hang gliding. Oh and did I not mention the world renowned golf courses that litter the islands.


Whilst many people are content to simply sit on the beach and sun themselves there are whole other levels to the Canary Islands that are worth exploring. The area is volcanic in origin meaning you can climb volcanoes and see the (infrequent) volcanic activity that has made the islands what they are today- paradise. The national parks on four of the islands Tenerife, Lanzarote, La Gomera and La Palma are area of outstanding biodiversity with hundreds of species of birds, snakes, and other animals for you to enjoy.

The culture

The culture of the Canary Islands is a rich blend of Spanish and African cultures with a dollop of tourist culture thrown in. The area has been part of Spain for over 400 years and has a rich historical significance as being the stopping off point between America and Spain for the Spanish fleets. Local culture is highly independent with a fantastic relaxed vibe from  most of the inhabitants.

The Nightlife

The nightlife of the Canary Islands draws in tens of thousands of people all year round and makes the area outstanding in terms of clubs, pubs and bars. Lanzarote nightlife and Tenerife nightlife are particularly exceptional with loud dance filled clubs, thumping raves and a plethora of lively bars and of course inebriated tourists.


The canary Islands are one of the beach pearls of the world and if you’re happy with relaxed atmospheres, lively nightlife, beautiful scenery and a host of traditional tourist activities you’ll absolutely fall in love with these sun swept shores.