summit kegerator

Finding a good summit kegerator can provide a quality beer dispenser for draft beer, without costing you thousands of dollars. Anytime you're looking for a good beer dispenser for draft beer, the cost of kegerators can sometimes be a turn off. A summit kegerator is not only a quality beer dispenser, they're some of the cheaper beer kegerators on the market. They usually include all the accessories, than can including the Co2 gas tank needed to dispense draft beer.

The Summit kegerator SBC-500B and Summit kegerator SBC-500B-2 provides just enough beer to dispense for personal use like BBQ cookouts or parties. The Summit kegerator SBC-500B and Summit kegerator SBC-500B-2 makes for great kegerators for your rec room, basement, or kitchen. They're small, not very spacious, and they come with casters making them easy to move. There are quite a few places online where you can buy a Summit kegerator for a cheap price. If you're looking for a good deal on a Summit kegerator you'll find the best deals online.

Summit kegerator parts

The nice thing about buying a Summit kegerator, is that most kegerators include Summit kegerator parts needed to dispenser beer. The Summit kegerator parts include a 5 lb Co2 tank, beer line, air line, gauge regulator, shank, and coupler tap. The US Sankey D system keg couple tap is included. Meaning that the Summit kegerator SBC-500B and Summit kegerator SBC-500B-2 only dispenses American beer. Domestic beer needs the S system coupler for draft beer.

Why buy the Summit kegerator SBC-500B or Summit kegerator SBC-500B-2?

These kegerators are small, used for indoors, that can serve your guests for parties, cookouts, and make for a useful kegerator for your home. It can serve a high quantity of draft beer. You don't need a kegerator that dispenses 3 kegs, unless you're planning to open up a bar. The Summit kegerator SBC-500b or Summit kegerator SBC-500-2 contains enough beer to dispense dozens to hundreds of people. They're also cheap kegerators for those looking to buy a beer dispenser that won't cost them thousands of dollars. Places to buy Summit kegerators are, amazon, beverage factory, and

Summit SBC-500B - It can dispense up to 1/2 a keg, and comes in dimension 23 3/4, W x 35 H x 25 D. Includes a Co2 tank, and American D system coupler. Makes for perfect use for parties and cookouts. Comes with 4 casters, making it easy to move. Features a chrome single tower faucet, with a black faucet handle. Other features include drip tray, single gauge regulator, beer and air lines, shank, a chrome guard rail, and plugs into a standard 110/vac house outlet. Prices can go between $700-$800. Prices will keep you out of the thousands range.

Summit SBC-500B-2 - It's the exact same model as the Summit SBC-500B, except is comes with a dual chrome faucet tower. It again features a cleaning kit, casters, drip tray, and can plug into a standard 110/vac house outlet. It has a little more capacity than the Summit SBC-500B. The kegerator can dispense a full keg of beer. Other features are brewing accessories like the Co2 tank, gauge regulator, beer line, air line, American D coupler, and all the kegerator parts needed to dispenser draft beer.

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