Promotes lymphatic drainage
Promotes blood oxygenation
Normalizes blood pressure
Safe for everyone
Gentle, relaxing
Aligns the spine gradually
14-day free trial
Money-back guarantee


Must be used regularly
Some people experience "locked knees" after using it for more than a few minutes

Full Review

If you are asking yourself what in the world a chi machine is, read on! The chi machine is an electric device. You plug it in, put your ankles on the footrest, and set the timer. A motor inside gently rocks your legs from side to side, until the timer goes off. The machine oscillates one hundred forty times per minute, a mathematical formula derived from the average pulse rate (72) and the cerebrospinal pump rhythm (12), and is synchronized with your heart rate, blood pressure and spinal alignment.

Okay, now why should you use a chi machine? One reason is that it has been proven to help with detoxification of the body because it gently jostles the lymph nodes, causing lymphatic fluid to move through the body. If you have high cholesterol, over time it will break up the plaques slowly, so that the cholesterol can be processed by the body in easy stages. And its gentle oscillating movement will gradually bring the spine into alignment, so that your body can be brought into balance. (My father, who has a pronounced "dowager's hump," used this machine for a few weeks, and after that his spinal curvature was noticeably less pronounced.)

In addition, using the chi machine will oxygenate the blood, which is vital for the blood to work properly to detoxify your body. And because it removes the toxins from your body and raises your metabolic rate, over time you may experience gradual weight loss as well.

How does a chi machine raise your metabolic rate? Metabolism depends in large part on the rate at which the body processes operate. By giving you the equivalent of gentle exercise, and increasing the blood oxygenation, blood flow rate and lymph flow rate, it speeds up the rate at which the processes operate, thereby speeding up your metabolism with daily use.

You can avoid having your knees locked by putting a rolled-up towel beneath your knees.

Now how do you use a chi machine? Simply put your feet in the ankle rest (older models may benefit from a bit of padding with a hand towel), lie down on the floor with your arms over your head, and relax; the machine will do the work for you! Start with a setting of just a few minutes at first, and gradually build up the time you spend on the machine.

Sun Ancon Chi Machine on "The Doctors"

In Closing

There are other, less expensive equipment manufacturers  out there, and some of them may do a fine job, but the Sun Ancon brand is the machine I have had the most experience with. The one I use has held up for over ten years of regular use, by several people, and still runs just as smoothly as the day it was purchased.

We recently acquired another chi machine, and it works well so far. In some ways it is preferable to the Sun Ancon, but of course we don't have the years of daily use yet to compare.

And yes, these machines are expensive. But then, so are trips to the doctor's office, to the chiropractor, to the massage therapist. If you are interested in alternative health care, you should definitely order a machine with a 14-day free trial, to see if it will work for you and give you the outcomes you want.