If you need an inexpensive and cheap mower to mow a smaller sized lawn then you may want to consider the SJ MJ401E Mow Joe 14-Inch 12 Amp Electric Lawn Mower with Grass Bag. This Sun Joe lawnmower is a cheap mower that is electric. There are many benefits to the Sun Joe mower. While it may not be for everybody, it does work great for the market it is targeted towards.

Low Cost Operation

The Sun Joe is very low cost to operate. The Sun Joe is an all electric mower so there is no need to buy gas. The mower is designed for weekly homeowner use on smaller properties so your maintenance costs associated with this mower should be much lower.

The blade will only need to be sharpened once per year and that is if you use it as designed. If you let your kid go mow the neighbor’s lawns with this mower then it will wear the blades out much faster. Of course this mower is not designed for commercial use so it will not do well to mow all the lawns in the neighborhood anyways.

You also do not need to be worried about spilling oil or even buying oil because the Sun Joe electric mower is an oil free lawnmower. You also will not be burning yourself on the air filter cover because this mower is an electric mower. It is much safer to use than a regular gas mower and much more effective than a simple reel mower. The exception though is if you are buying the Fiskars Reel Lawnmower.

Easy To Use

The mower is easy to use. This electric lawnmower is one that needs to be plugged in while you are using it. This is good because you do not have to worry about batteries dying. The mower can mow all day long without overheating, although if you are actually mowing all day long then you will want to buy a different lawnmower. As stated before, this mower is designed for smaller lawns for homeowners who mow their own lawns. If you are trying to hack knee deep lawn down to the ground in a single pass with this mower then you will not enjoy it. If on the other hand you are willing to mow your lawn weekly and take off a reasonable amount each tine like is recommended by professional mowing companies then you will definitely enjoy sing the Sun Joe mower.

This lawnmower is also extremely easy to start. There is no cranking on a pull string or priming the fuel. With the SJ you simply push a button and the mower starts up. It is easy easy to operate as your hair dryer. If you have ever used a hair dryer then you can use this mower. The SJ mower is also as maintenance free as a hair dryer. When was the last time you ever took your hair dryer in to get serviced? Probably never right? Well the great news is the Sun Joe electric mower is the same as your hairdryer in that it will not ever need to be serviced.

The Sun Joe is also very easy to mow with because it is super-lightweight. You can literally push this mower all around your yard and not get tired of it. The mower is lightweight and very easy to maneuver.


The deck is made of a very hard plastic. The deck will work great for most homeowners, but if you constantly find yourself mowing over rocks then you will not want this mower. If you are willing to kick a medium sized rock out of the way as opposed to running over it intentionally with your mower then you should do just fine with the Sun Joe electric lawn cutter for residential use.

The deck works great with not a lot of grass build-up on regular mowing jobs if you are mowing wet grass or extremely tall grass then you will find that the Sun-Joe and the deck will struggle.

In order to extend the motor life to not put excess strain on the mower by trying to hack off 12 inches of grass height at a time. It is better to make multiple passes with each pass getting the mower gradually lower. Once you get your lawn to the optimal height you only have to go over it once.


My favorite aspect of the Sun Joe is that it is very quiet. Most electric lawnmowers are very quiet. This is a great thing! I do not mind the noise from a regular gas lawnmower because I have my over the ear headphones on listening to music on Spotify. The only reason I love the quietness of the electric lawnmowers is because I can mow at anytime of the day and not get my neighbors angry. If I want to mow my lawn at 11:00 PM I can because they neighbors will not hear me doing it. I can also mow my lawn super early in the morning and not have to worry about waking my neighbors up; however, I rarely do this with electric mowers because the grass will still be damp from the morning dew and electric lawnmowers work best when the grass is dry.

Lawn Eaters

The Sun Joe is a great bit of kit if you own a small lawn but there are other people who will require other features from their lawn mower. Here are some other lawnmowers that can help you on your journey as you look to buy new cheap lawnmower for 2013.

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(price as of May 11, 2015)
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