Sun Lounger Cushion

Sun Lounger Cushion Construction:

When summertime rolls around, you may find it’s time to replace your sun lounger cushions.  They may have not weathered well in the off season, they may be uncomfortable, or they may just not fit the style of your outdoor patio.  Whatever you reason for replacing your sun lounger cushions, there are a variety of types, styles, and materials used to make the best outdoor cushions.  Most lounger cushions are usually made with a dense foam cushion covered in polyurethane to protect it from water and sun damage.  On top of that, the covers are made with a woven polyester cover that is both durable and stain resistant.  Sun lounger cushions are designed to withstand hours of direct sunlight, where a traditional cushion would fade, crack, and wear out in no time.  

Choosing An Outdoor Cushion:

Before choosing a sun lounger cushion replacement, there are a few things you should determine first.  Choosing the wrong sized cushion can be frustrating and unnecessary if you just take a few minutes to determine the correct lounger cushion for your sunlounger.  

Size - More important than any other variable, you must make certain you are purchasing the right sized cushion for your sun lounger.  To measure your chaise lounger cushion, you need to take three measurements.  The first is the length of the seat and leg rest padding.  This is going to be your longest measurement.  Then measure the length of the seat back cushion.  This is the section of cushion from the crease where the recliner starts, to the top of the head rest.   Finally, you need to measure the overall width of the cushion.  This should be the same for both the leg rest and seat back.  

Thickness - When choosing a sun lounger cushion, you get what you pay for in terms of padding thickness.  The more you spend, the thicker and more comfortable the cushion.  Less expensive patio cushions will rely more on dense foam, rather than comfortable padding.  Keep in mind though, that any lounger cushion will be more comfortable than sitting on bare plastic, wood, or metal.  

Color/Pattern - Although it doesn’t directly affect the quality or durability of outdoor cushions choosing a darker color with a pattern will reduce the appearance of sun damage, stains, and rips on your sun lounger cushion.  

Weather Resistance - All outdoor cushions are characterized by their weather resistant materials, but like the padding material of a patio cushion, the more you pay, the more durable and weather resistant your cushion will be.  Look for yarn dyed polyester for the best resistance to stains, sun damage, and mildew.  

Extra Features - Although there is not a lot to be said about the features of sun lounger cushions there are a couple of extras that can make the difference between a good and a great cushion.  First is fabric ties to hold the cushion to the sunlounger in high winds, or when not in use.  Second is an extra padded pillow section.  Some replacement outdoor cushions have double padded tops to the seat backs for ultimate relaxation in the reclined position. 

Types of Sunlounger Cushions:

Strathwood Camano Sun Lounge Cushion - Featuring a polyurethane and polyester fiber padding, the Strathwood sun lounge cushion is a great choice if you are looking for a high quality replacement outdoor cushion.  Easy to clean, resistant to fades and stain, and 3 ½ inches thick.

Ewins Premium Outdoor Lounge Cushion - Fast drying and UV protected, Ewins premium sun lounger cushions feature thick poly foam padding and a removable head rest pillow.  Heavy duty stitching, and fabric tie downs make this a great choice.