The sun is a nuclear reactor, with a giant magnetic field. The sun is a ball of super-heated gas. It powers growth of plants and forest. Our planets relationship with the sun is complex. There is a battle of magnetic force that rages between earth and sun on a constant basis. Also changes in solar activity cause climate changes on earth. Scientist now, are learning more about how this takes place.

However, man-made global warming is a fact. If things don't change there could be trouble for us here on earth. Climate change can cause problems with weather, food and how we stay safe. The question is Can the sun help? Well maybe, Scientist have discovered something different happening with our sun. This difference had to do with sunspots on the sun. As Scientist have been watching and studying these sunspots, they have noticed that the sunspots have not been found as often. They noticed a significant slowing of this activity. They don't understand what this means, they do know that this could have an impact on the earth. This could possibly cool down the earth, and be beneficial in keeping our temperatures from soaring to dangerous levels.

So what are sun spots anyway? They are dark magnetic blotches on the suns surface that come and go in and around an estimated 11- year cycle. Interestingly in the past decade or so, the sun has started a decline in this activity. They estimate that the suns reduced activity may cause a global temperature drop of 1.5C by 2020. This is larger than most predictions of man-made global warming over this period.

If this is true, then our sun may be able to help relieve our man-made climate changes. The earth may respond to low solar activity in a positive way. This could change the way man views his influence on climate change. However, man needs to be careful and watchful. We can't shrug our responsiblity to our earth. The earth is our home and protecting it is everyone's responsibility . Most of us, can only do a small part like recycling cans and paper. That's why it's up to the big Corporations of the world to make huge contributions to the earths climate. Those in power, the governments of the world need to step up. We love earth it's our home, if we don't get it right, maybe the sun will give us a second chance.