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For ages, sun has been idolized as god or goddess in countries around the world. People from all places of all civilizations and all the times possess their own mythological faith associated with sun which is personified as a power of rebirth or resurrection. It is very obvious that sun tattoos have deeper meanings to communicate when drawn by an expert tattoo artist. Along with the religious ground of making a sun tattoo it has been like a tribute to the deity for the people who worship sun as god.


Some people design sun tattoos without knowing the actual interpretation of the same simply because they feel fascinated by the superior and bold color pattern of the tattoos. On the other hand rest may opt for sun tattoos due to their ancient cultural beauty, the godly figures they carry and the ideas for centuries they have been carrying with them of vitality, fertility, optimism, strength and the positive forces. On the whole several themes, designs and colors are available to make a good choice from. Furthermore the tattoos should be placed in a suitable part of the body to become meaningful too.

With cultural differences varies the symbolism of sun and its myth .In this context some exciting examples can be cited to elaborate it. In North Africa the Egyptian people adorned the sun god Ra who was supposed to have a human body with a falcon head and a firing cobra around it having a sun-disc crown on his head. Legend says that the sun used to travel through the sky on a solar boat at night to cross the underworld and another solar boat helps him reach in the east in the next morning. That is how he was worshiped as the guiding power behind day and night. In Western Africa the sun god was considered to be a crude male named Liza who always appeared with his partner Mawu(moon). If we go into the Aztec civilization of Central Mexico we shall find that they used to put the sun god as a guardian figure who would protect them from their enemies in the battle field and the ultimate victory would be bestowed upon them by him. He was named ‘Huitzilopochtli’ and as a protector of the empire was portrayed with blue crown surrounded by blue Hummingbird feathers. He was said to be merciless and the soldiers used a sacrificial dagger to remove the beaten heart from the enemies’ bodies to offer him tribute. Incas were famous in South America who believed Inti, the sun god to be charitable and kind-hearted and in a same manner popular was his wife Pachamama,the goddess earth. All these were found in the traditional folklore of the country. The native American believed that sun was responsible for wonders like seasonal changes, solar eclipse, dusk and dawn.


In Norway sun god Freyr is the son of rain and earth and therefore revered as a god of harvest. The Greek god Helios was believed to be helped by his sacred animal Rooster to rise and rest with a four-horsed golden chariot. Celtic culture explains that the sun god Lugh had been a shinning god representing hardships throughout his life as his grandfather Balon wanted to kill him knowing the prophecy of himself being killed by Lugh. However,with the help of sea god Manannan his life was saved.


Like all other continents and countries Asia and Asian countries had lots of religious legends about sun who was worshiped as the god of birth and death,the strength of good winning over the evils like what is seen in India among Hindus as Goruda. Goruda is the representation of sun god in the form of a huge yellow bird with limbs of man.It is the king of birds and considered to be the biggest enemy of serpents symbolizing evil powers. According to Japanese folklore sun deity is introduced as the ruler of the heaven and termed as ‘Amateras Ohmikanmi’.


After going through all the above examples of historical sun-oriented beliefs we can conclude that sun tattoos can be made on lots of ideas and concepts. Sun can be empowered as a god of light, brightness and vibrancy. It can also mean a new possibility,a new birth and renewal. Sun can be seen as an icon of courage, power, bravery and leadership and at the same time revolution.It inspires life, power, energy, vivacity and fertility. When viewed with moon it is considered to represent male-female union and symbolizes tenderness when depicted at woman’s body. There are many more explanation of sun tattoos for which one tends to get sun-tattooed.To express one’s burning desire for something one can draw sun tattoo that symbolizes utter passion. Motivation and optimism the other aspects of interpretation that sun tattoos can leave upon. We can think in a way that the way the night comes to an end giving way to a new morning, a new tomorrow with the setting sun the life always gives a new chance after the bad days or bad experiences.   

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