Rope Light

Benefits Of Sunbeam Rope Lights:

Sunbeam rope lights have gained significant popularity in the past decade as a solution for those trying to create emergency, decorative and ambient lighting in areas that would normally require more work than it was worth to illuminate.  In addition, with the explosion of LED technology in the past few years, outdoor rope lights have become extremely affordable both in the short term investment, and the long term maintenance costs.  Sunbeam rope lights can be used indoors or outdoors as a way to accent features in your kitchen such as custom cabinetry, or outdoors to line a pathway or landscaping line.  However, the benefits of LED rope lighting is not limited to its falling price.  It is far superior to other outdoor lighting alternatives in a number of ways.  

Versatility - Sunbeam rope lights are extremely versatile and can be used anywhere low levels of light may be needed.  Because they require no pre-wiring and being so light weight, outdoor rope lights can be hung just about anywhere your can fit them.  Additionally, rope lights are made to be flexible in length.  You can either buy them by the foot, or in larger sections that can be connected together to form a continuous strand using only one power source.  

Durability - Outdoor rope lights can withstand vibration, weather, shakes, and extreme hot and cold temperatures.  Additionally, if one section does become permanently damaged beyond repair, a replacement can be easily substituted with little effort.

Low Power Consumption - On average,  sunbeam rope lights use less than 1 watt per foot.  Meaning, you could light 100 feet of walkway with the same amount of energy it would take to light one floodlight.  

Longevity - The average LED bulb lasts up to 100,000 hours.  Meaning if you were to run your sunbeam rope lights 24 hours a day, they could potentially last over 10 years.  If you used them daily for 8 hours per day, you could get 34 years of life!  Needless to say, maintenance of LED bulbs is very minimal.  

Colors - There are a variety of colors available which can be used extensively in commercial applications such as in restaurants and bars lighting with a color theme in mind.  

Uses For Outdoor Rope Lights:

Residential Rope Lights - Used in the home, lighting is most often needed to accent certain areas of the property for visibility, or decoration.  Most commonly you will see low voltage rope lighting used to line driveways and sidewalks to define the space and make it easier to see.  However this type of fixture is also great for use on the patio, deck, or poolside as a warm ambient light when you have guests over.  LED bulbs give off enough light that you can clearly see, but because the source is so spread out, it doesn’t blind you in one particular area.

Commercial Rope Lights - In restaurants and clubs, rope lights can be used much more creatively to fit the theme of a space.  Capable of running hundred of feet on one circuit, nothing gives the ambient, even romantic, illumination of commercial rope lights.  It can also be used to light pathways, steps, and entryways to help guide your guests in low lit areas.