Sunbrella Pillow 

Benefits Of Sunbrella Outdoor Pillows:

With months of sun lounging by the pool or on the patio, it’s never a too late or early to buy replacement sunbrella outdoor pillows.  If you find your outdoor pillows worn, faded, or mildew infested, a set of replacement pillows are a great way to be more comfortable all summer long.  Whether you have a set of sun loungers that require a little extra neck support, or a patio swing that could use some accent pillows, Sunbrella makes some of the highest quality outdoor pillows available.  

Sunbrella outdoor pillows are filled with entirely with outdoor ready polyester fiber, and are covered in 100% acrylic fabric that is both UV and mold resistant.  If the pillows that originally came with your outdoor furniture are not weathering well, Sunbrella pillows are sure to look even better than the originals, and last much longer.  You might be choosing outdoor pillows for the first time to enhance the look of your outdoor space.  Decorative pillows are one of the easiest ways to transform the look of your patio swing, chaise lounge, or adirondack chair.

As a specialist in outdoor fabrics, Sunbrella has incorporated some of the most stain, mildew, and UV resistant fabrics available into awnings, furniture and outdoor pillows.  Since 1945, they have been an industry pioneer in high performance fabrics for marine and home decor.  Additionally, all Sunbrella outdoor pillows come with a five year warranty against fading, so you can rest assured you made the best possible investment.  

Types Of Sunbrella Outdoor Pillows:

Throw Pillows - Ranging in sizes of 14x14 though 24x24 Sunbrella throw pillows, with 100% polyester fiber fill, they have long lasting “fluff” and are non-allergenic.  The fabric is very easy to clean, and is finish sewn for a complete look from all sides.  There is no obtrusive and uncomfortable zipper to hide.  

Bolster Pillows - Sunbrella bolster pillows are a great addition to an outdoor loveseat, or patio swing.  They add a rounded style to an otherwise squared furniture pattern provide excellent back support.  They also make a great neck support for two if you own a dual chaise lounger.  

Seat Cushion - While the frame of a cheap patio set may hold up to years of weathering, the quickest piece to show serious signs of wear are what matter the most- the cushion you sit on.  Sunbrella outdoor cushions are a needed upgrade to a worn out patio set that will extend the life of your furniture for years to come, all while giving it an update look.

How To Clean Outdoor Cushions:

For general cleaning of your Sunbrella outdoor pillow, a simple solution of 2 ounces mild detergent to one gallon of warm water will remove most of the dirt, sap, and pollen stains from your cushion.  If mildew begins growing on your outdoor pillows a solution of 1 cup bleach to 1 gallon warm water may be sprayed directly onto the cushion and then scrubbed with a brush or cloth.  Rinse thoroughly with water and let air dry.  

Without a doubt, Sunbrella outdoor pillows are made with some of the highest quality materials available.  For the contemporary style, and high weather resistance, you can’t go wrong.