When it comes to outdoor pillows, there are none better than Sunbrella pillows. They are known for their vibrant and fun colors, as well as their water and mildew resistance. It's a bit of the best of all worlds which makes these decorative pillows a must for your outdoor space. Read on to learn more about the great features of Sunbrella pillows and the prices you should expect to pay for them.

Sunbrella Pillows: Colorfully Weather Proof

Sunbrella Bravada SalsaSince 1961, the company Sunbrella has been making fabrics that not only are playfully fun with their colors, but also supremely resistant to the elements. It's a special combination that makes for great outdoor awnings, cushions, and pillows. Sunbrella pillows have been a favorite ever since on outdoor patios, pool chairs, sofas, and hammocks. These are the gold standard of outdoor pillows, sporting some of the greatest features on the market, including:

Supremely Weather Resistant

Made totally from acrylic, Sunbrella pillow fabric is water-resistant, and the cushioning is fast drying polyester fiber. These pillows can be around pools, sprinklers, and fountains without worry of them being ruined before their time, making them an excellent investment for high splash areas.

Mold And Mildew Is A No-No

The same fabrics that make Sunbrella pillows weather resistant make them also mildew resistant, too. These pillows dry fast and completely, so there is little chance for mildew and mold to take hold.

Boldly Colorful

Sunbrella Macaw Green Outdoor PillowJust because these pillows are extremely practical and functional doesn't mean that they can't be bold and decorative too. In fact, Sunbrella pillows can give many other decorative pillows a run for their money when it comes to looks. There are bold solids and stunning stripes featuring colors reminiscent of summer days. They won't let you down in terms of looks.

Colors That Won't Fade Or Bleed

A worry for any pillow that spends a lot of times outdoors or around water is color fading or bleeding. Decorative pillows not built for outdoor use can quickly lose their luster. But Sunbrella pillows are built to withstand daily direct sunlight and use a custom dying solution to help keep the colors bright for years to come. In fact the pillow fabrics have a five-year warranty which goes to show you how much Sunbrella trusts in their product.

Can Withstand Play And Consistent Use

Sunbrella pillows are some of the strongest outdoor pillows on the market. They'll hold up during an impromptu family pool pillow fight as well as constant propping behind your back for the best reading angle on your deck chair. Sunbrella Dolce Oasis

Super Easy To Clean

Perhaps the greatest benefit of all, Sunbrella pillows are some of the easiest to clean pillows out there. In fact all you need is a mixture of mild dish detergent and water to spot clean your pillow at any time.

Sunbrella Pillow Prices

Across all the varieties of Sunbrella pillows, the prices typically range only in a small window: $20 to $40. That's a great price for a pillow that seriously can last you for years. You'll find discounted prices available if you are looking to buy in sets.

If you are in need of that perfect outdoor pillow, a Sunbrella pillow is a smart investment. It's got it all: looks, function, and durability. Few decorative pillows can match that.