Bursting with charm, sunburst mirrors, also known as starburst mirrors or star mirrors, give any room in which they are placed a jolt of decorative energy. They are the perfect piece of wall art to pump up the volume of a room that suffers from decor doldrums. Here you'll learn more about sunburst mirrors, explore some great ways to use them, and discover the price range for these exciting works of art.

Sunburst Mirrors: Shining Through The Centuries

Sunburst Golden Ribbon MirrorSunburst mirrors are nothing new to home decor. They've been used for centuries, and their lineage intertwines with 17th century France and Louis XIV (who was aptly called "the Sun King"). For generations, these beautiful pieces of wall art have graced the walls of royalty and ordinary people alike. It's a beloved style that never goes out of fashion.

There's a big variety of sunburst mirrors. While the general design of it is pretty obvious (a central mirror with "rays" emanating from it), there's still a surprising amount of choices. You'll find the central mirrors of varying sizes and many different stylistic choices for the rays themselves. The materials used for the rays, too, can vary widely - from glittering metals to earthy woods and everything between.

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Where To Use Sunburst Mirrors

Ashton Sutton Mirror With Gold SunburstBecause of the variety, sunburst mirrors can fit into many different design motifs. There's some versions with paper-thin metallic rays that are perfect for modern minimalism and others using folded metals to feel like ribbons that work well with country chic. The wood sunburst mirrors also work great in that style.

There's a ton of vintage sunburst mirrors (or those that are designed to feel vintage) on the market. In fact, there are many that tackle some of the harder motifs to pull off, like art deco. And there are some types that fall under glass wall art as the rays have spherical mirrors themselves. These add a modern touch and create really unique lighting patterns around your room.

No matter the style, one thing holds true for these mirrors: They add pop into any space. If you're looking for a subtle accent piece, these mirrors are not for you. These are serious eye catchers; you can't ignore a sunburst mirror. But that is a big part of what makes one of these decorative mirrors so special. If you've got a room that feels rather bland in its style, a sunburst mirror can make an immediate impact. If you're struggling with a focal point for your wall, one of these pieces of wall art can do the trick. They energize a room and draw the eye in ways few other pieces of home decor can do.

Sunburst Mirror Prices

Ashton Sutton Mirror With Silver Discs

As with any home decor that uses a wide variety of materials and styles, sunburst mirrors have a big price range. There's plenty of varieties that land in a very affordable $50 to $100 range, but many fall between $100 to $300, and don't be surprised to see a few sunburst mirrors top $1,500. Those top-end pieces are very intricate and use expensive materials. Don't be scared by the pricing - there really are a lot of affordable (and beautiful) options out there. You can make a statement no matter the budget level you currently have. 

Like the sun itself, sunburst mirrors are pure energy. When a statement piece is of the essence, they are one of the best choices you can make. They've got style and a presence to them that will embolden any room lacking in either. When you need that "wow" piece, these are smart home decor solutions.