Use Your Screened Gazebo

Screened Gazebos are a great way to extend your day outdoors.  By having it screened you can use portable lighting and stay outside as long as you want and be free of bug bites by having a screened gazebo.

But what if you have a permanent wooden style gazebo that fits well with your backyard design but is not that welcoming after dark because of bugs?  Then check online and see if there is a screen kit for your model or style.

For example:  If you just happen to own a Suncast Gazebo that is 12 x 12 in size, then you can purchase a kit that easily fits screens and a door into your gazebo.  By doing this, you can now use this at night and add some portable lighting, and you now have an additional outdoor room that keeps the bugs out as well as lets you enjoy the outdoor fresh air.

Winters are long enough, it is nice when that nice weather finally gets here, but not so nice when the summer night bugs chase you back indoors.  So, consider getting a gazebo screening kit that fits your style and creates a screened gazebo. 

For the Suncast Gazebo, this kit comes with everything you need to install well fitted screens that are of a high quality.  Making your screened gazebo totally usable that same night.  You can do more entertaining outdoors when you are bug free.  The screens that are designed for gazebos are tough and easy to take down for the winter weather, plus they also look good since they fit so well.

You can get all kinds of kits and frames that will work in a name brand wooden gazebo that is permanent in your yard.  You can start by checking with the home improvement stores and larger garden centers, or wherever you purchased your kit.

If you had a builder erect your gazebo, then contact him to see if he can get the screening kit for the style you have.  Many of the name brand gazebo kits have started offering screening kits, or consider getting your builder to install screens, it is a great investment.

If you can’t find any with your local home improvement store or garden center, you could also try making your own.  But the other option is to search online for a kit that will fit your size and style of gazebo first.Suncast Gazebo Screen Kit - Fits 12ft. x 12ft. Suncast Gazebos, Model# G12SKsuncast screened gazebos

If you are considering building a backyard gazebo, then make sure and allow for screens that you can easily install and removed when needed.  Many of the plans you can buy will have additional patterns for optional screens. 

Having a permanent style backyard gazebo is a large investment, so why not make it so you can use it all the time instead of letting those insects chase you inside as soon as the sun goes down?

So, if you are in the planning stage of a large backyard renovation and are including a permanent wooden style gazebo, then consider how you can install screens that look good and allow you to use your space for a longer period of time each day and season.

So, if you have a name brand gazebo in your yard, then consider finding their website and seeing if they offer a screening kit that fits your particular size and style, or check on sites such as Amazon to see if they have a kit that will fit yours.

This picture is for a screening kit for a Suncast Gazebo, and it looks good.  Just think about how many nights you could be out there enjoying your screened gazebo? Add some portable gazebo lighting and you will be set for lazy summer days and nights outside. 

Don’t let the bugs chase you back inside.  Adding screens to a permanent style gazebo is a great investment.  Also see setting up a gazebo bar and grilling station.