Fall, if any, is the season for big sunglasses. The move toward larger, more glamorous shades has been a long-time building, but during the windy season especially, big sunglasses are both practical and fashionable. Expect to see colored-lenses and more eye-catching frames in seasonal hues.

Oversized Glamour
Oversized glamour sunglasses are definitely still in style. Worn by countless A list celebrities like Gwen Stefani and Angelina Jolie, oversized sunglasses are both hip and practical, as they help protect your face against gusty fall weather. Look for warm seasonal colors, especially earth tones and textured frames.

Aviator sunglasses are likely to never go out of style. They look great on almost any occasion and are iconic, in that they instantly convey a sense of cool. They go well with a variety of outfits and look especially great during the fall, when jackets become a necessary part of your wardrobe. Aviators have a style that is irrespective of gender or age group. New Aviator styles include bigger and more flashy frames, made with plastic rather than with the usual wire rims.

Colored Frames
Black, white, and neutral colored frames are no longer the only options. Brighter and more varied colored frames are growing in popularity. Colored frames that match or complement your outfit can make for a great fashion accessory that helps accent your outfits overall color palette. This fall, look for muted beiges and yellows as well as honey brown colors.

The Lennon Glasses
The famous, small round sunglasses that were made iconic by the legendary Beatle are more popular than ever. New incarnations of the Lennon glasses have come to include thicker, plastic frames rather than the thin, metal frames, and in more varied colors. This style of shades is great for San Diego prescription sunglasses.

Jewel Studded Shades
More of a fashion trend in women's sunglasses than men's, jewel studded sunglass frames (and just more flashy, decorative frames in general) are becoming more popular. A list designers like Gucci and Dior have been putting out ever more luxurious shades, and other designers have followed suit, turning sunglasses from simple fashion accessories to legitimate pieces of jewelry.