The purpose of sunglasses, though of course we also wear them to be in style, is to keep your eyes protected from the sun's UV rays. Even during the cooler months when the sun might be hiding behind those gloomy clouds, you still need to keep your eyes protected. Just because you may not feel or even see the sun, doesn't mean the UV rays aren't still there as a threat to your eyes. That is why investing in a good pair of sunglasses that will keep you in style and protected year-round is important.

Think of Price

Just because a pair of sunglasses has a large price tag, it doesn't mean you are always better protected. Do your research and check the UV rating before open your wallet. And unless you are unlike the rest of us average Joes, you probably don't have a ton of money to waste on sunglasses that are going to go out of style right away. Think and spend wisely by choosing a style that will last you through all four seasons. For example, you may wish to purchase Spy sunglasses in San Diego.

Don't Always Go with the Trend

Just because J-Lo has a new pair of blinged-out sunglasses, it doesn't mean that the trend is going to last. What is in style today might just not be in style tomorrow. If you can afford to buy a new pair of sunglasses every time the trend changes then purchasing that bling might be fine. But if you want your sunglass investment to last, you might want to consider a more classic style that will keep you looking good even as the trends change.

Choose a Darker Palate

Bright colored sunglasses are great for those summer months when you are at the beach or hanging at a poolside party or barbeque, but once the autumn leaves begin to start falling and the clouds start to linger, the colorful shades aren't as in style anymore. Instead of bright colors, you might want to consider investing in darker colors like black or brown sunglasses that will match your wardrobe during the summer as well as during the winter.