Sunglasses for dogs - It's the new fad amongst dog owners. If you've been out at a park for dogs recently or even just strolling around your neighborhood you've likely seen some dog walking along in a cool pair of shades that looked sort of like goggles. You probably thought it was cute and perhaps even a little odd. But sunglasses for dogs and other types of eyewear actually provide some very important uses besides just making your dog more stylish.

Recently my dog Carl began experiencing some issues with his eyes. Whenever we went out for a walk or a ride in the car he would sneeze and shake his head, and occasionally would paw his eyes. I didn't understand what the problem was so I decided to take him to see our veterinarian, who couldn't understand what was bothering him so much either and asked me to document what happened whenever Carl would have one of his episodes. We went back home and everything was normal when I started to notice a pattern - it seemed Carl only had this issue when he was confronted by bright sunlight. For some reason, it looked like he had become very sensitive to the light from the sun. So I took him back to the vet and she told me that I was right - somehow, Carl had gotten some debris of some sort in his eyes which were only visible to him in direct sunlight, thus spooking him and causing his erratic behavior. Surgery could not resolve this problem, so my veterinarian decided to prescribe us a pair of sunglasses made specifically for dogs by a company named "Doggles".

I took Carl home, and after getting adjusted to her new sunglasses (which admittedly took quite awhile), we decided to go out and take a walk around the beach. It was very sunny out, but luckily Carl's new doggie sunglasses took care of that, and his problems with bright sunlight were behind him! But there was another bonus - the chicks loved his awesome new pair of shades. The ladies were just eating him up, and even other dogs were taking some good long looks at him! My guess is that they were jealous of his great fashion sense. And it was all because of his kick-ass new sunglasses for dogs! The ending to the story was a very happy one!