Sunless tanners give your skin a natural tan without the sun exposure. The tanners work when an active ingredient called DHA or the dihydoxyacetone in the tanner reacts with the dead skin cells. When this happens, the skin turns to brown. By buying the sunless tanners in the market, you can get the sun-kissed look for yourself the safe way. If you don't want to do the tanning yourself, you can also go to professional salons to avail of the service. With this, you can color your skin while giving it protection. You can get all of these and more in just a few bucks. However, there is something more that a sunless tanner can do. Apart from concealing your varicose veins, flabby and pale skin, sunless tanners can also act as band aids after surgeries and operations. I find this amazing myself. As it turns out, the ingredient in sunless tanner that colors and attaches to your skin can be mixed with a chemical substance to form an adhesive gel dressing or a "band-aid" to aid in treating medical wounds. The credit for this "tanner band-aid" goes to the plastic surgeons at New York-Presbyterian or Weill Cornell Medical Center. According to them, this adhesive gel shuts the holes a patient has after undergoing an operation. Reconstructive surgeries and operations wherein cancerous tissues are removed are perfect instances to use the band-aid. In these procedures, deep and empty spaces are left after the procedure. These empty spaces are then occupied by fluid called seromas. To remove the seromas, an implanted tube made of rubber is inserted into the hole to drain the liquid. This process, however, is painful and prone to infections. Instead of using that painful method to drain the fluid, the adhesive gel can be used to just close the hole and heal it. This new material will close the hole by gluing the skin together thereby avoiding seroma build-up. This is according to the co-author of the study on the tanner Band-Aid, Dr. Jason Spector. According to scientists, this new material will eventually go away since the gel is made of polyethylene glycol and a polycarbonate of DHA or the dihydoxyacetone. This DHA is an active ingredient that colors the skin. Both of the ingredients are easily dissolved in water but are strong enough to stick to tissue so the patient should not worry about how long the gel will last in the body. This gel has been tested on rats where seroma build-up was reduced. Scientists are planning to test the gel on bigger subjects or animals and then later on human being on clinical trials. This amazing breakthrough is a really great advancement in the medical field. Aside from giving off a beautiful color on the skin, sunless tanners prove that they also can provide more than beauty but also medical benefit. The more I think about it, the more I want to purchase sunless tanners because of their evolution. Who knows? Maybe sunless tanners can do more.