Sun kissed tan look

Sunless tanner spray is one way to achieve that golden sun kissed look all year round without having to spend unhealthy hours soaking up harmful UV rays. In order for it to be successful you typically don’t want to pick just any old product off the shelf. In these cases sometimes price can help you to determine which product will leave you bronzed and which ones will leave you looking like you had a bad run in with canned pumpkin. (See below article for easy removal tricks!)



To prevent your sunless tanner spray from becoming blotchy and uneven you can try the following tricks for an even looking tan.



1) Never hold the sunless tanner spray too close to your skin. This will cause areas hit with the direct spray to appear darker and fake. Inside hold the bottle far enough away (as typically indicated on the bottle) and cover one area at a time in a fine even mist.



2) Extend your limbs completely while applying your sunless tanner spray and leave them that way until it dries. This will help eliminate build up in the nooks and crannies such as armpit areas and behind the knees.



3) Before using your self tanning treatment you will want to be sure that your skin is fully cleansed and exfoliated. If you are not familiar with exfoliating it is simply the act of removing dead skin and dirt build up on the skin. There are a lot of exfoliating creams and sponges that can help you to accomplish this. The reason this is recommended, when using a sunless tanner spray,  is so that the skin bronzer you are using can absorb evenly instead of being layered over dead skin and dirt that may slough off onto your clothing causing you to have blotchy and uneven spots.


**This is often best if done at least 24 hours before you plan on applying your sunless tanner spray.


4) While spraying this over your body use a gloved hand to spread it evenly, working in one direction only, across all areas of skin that you are working on. This can prevent those unseen drips and smudges that are easily overlooked but hard to miss later.


5) Always focus on your lower extremities first and work your way up. This is often the easiest way to achieve that even tanned look that you are going for and prevents you from having to wait until your arms dry to finish application. Don’t forget your ankles, wrists and hands!!


6) Follow up hollowed areas such as between your toes and finger and hairlines with a slightly dampened cotton ball to avoid dark lines, streaks and buildup.


Applying your sunless tanner spray to your face:


For best results (and safer ones too) simply spray your tanning solution onto a makeup sponge (if an applicator is not included with your product) and wipe evenly over your face. Paying extra attention to eliminate any extra build up around the eyes and nose where it can easily get lost in creases and fine lines.


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