More and more celebrities and non-celebrities prefer sunless tanning as a reliable and a great time-saver alternative to conventional sun-tanning. There is no price for the traditional sun-tanning but one has to spend lots of hours under the sun to get a golden sun-kissed tone. Moreover, current studies prove that this traditional way of getting a tan endangers you to the possibility of getting skin cancer via too much exposure to the damaging ultraviolet radiation. For this reason, it is suggested by experts to consider all the other possible options to safely getting a tan. These sunless tanning methods include tanning beds and lamps, lotions, sprays and pills. Not only do they give you a tan, these options also keeps you from harmful effects of the usual sun-tanning.

Sunless tanning methods or man-made tanning methods are numerous. One method is the tanning bed. Tanning beds, among all the methods, are less recommended because of the procedure one has go through. Using tanning beds means that one has to lie down or cover oneself with fluorescent pipes to get a tan. These tubes, however, give off UV rays just like the sun. The advantage in this is that tanning is done is less time compared to the conventional sun-tanning. Tanning lotion is another choice. These lotions contain DHA which is responsible for darkening the skin. The color stays on for only a few days so one has to reapply every 3 days to preserve the color. Third option is the spray. Tanning sprays have similar effects with tanning lotion but with a little difference – the spray. Instead of just lathering the tanning solution to the skin, a tanning spray is used to evenly apply the tan. Tanning salons and booths are available to provide this service or one can purchase a tanning spray kit to do the tanning at home. The fourth option is pill. Sunless tanning pills are becoming popular option these days. The pills have vitamin A and beta-carotene which produces melanin. Melanin is the agent which naturally darkens the skin.

These methods gain their popularity because of the benefits they offer. First is the convenience. Rather than lie around under the sun all day, it only takes a few hours to get a tan when using these sunless tanning methods. One can do them at the convenience of their own home or at tanning salons. Second is safety. The risk of getting skin cancer is avoided since one does not have to expose oneself to the sun's harmful rays. Third is cost. The tanning options are affordable. Also, you will avoid high hospital bills in the long run since sun exposure is avoided. Fourth is the availability of options. One can choose the color of the tan or the product one will be using. Fifth is the location. Not all places have the right amount of sunlight to get a tan. Most likely, a person from this area will have to go to another location perfect for sun-tanning. One does not always have this option as this is costly and much time consuming.

Sunless tanning methods may be many but I personally recommend using the sunless tanning spray as it can give you the results you want and fast. I think that this is the safest and the most convenient of all the methods mentioned in this article. So what are you waiting for? Go to a tanning salon or buy your own sunless tanning spray and start tanning.