Are you looking to join a travel club and perhaps travel the world and earn money while doing this? Are you looking for something legitimate, that is affordable and truly makes sense to you? Have you had bad experiences with home travel business clubs in the past, and are really just looking to find something that works? If not, you have caome to the right place when searching for the Sunrise Travel Club review.

Sunrise Travel Club is brand new, and only launched about 3 wks. prior to the writing of this article. This business launched in response to some of the previous home travel business clubs in the past that were not well funded and did not do right by people.

Some of these previous companies used travel vouchers, and paid out that way which truly turned a lot of people off. Some of these companies were labeled scams, and they did not gain tremendous reputations. Sunrise Travel Club is vowing to be a different type of company, and is doing things quite differently.

This company takes credit cards through both Alert Pay and Solid Trust Pay as well as other forms of payments and commissions. When you earn money, this can be sent to both Alert Pay and Solid Trust Pay which is very refreshing indeed.

To speak a little bit about Sunrise Travel Club review it is important to state some of the basics of this company.

Here is a list of the attributes and facts about Sunrise Travel Club, also known as STC:

1. The cost of joining this affordable home travel club is one time $300.00. There are no monthly fees or website fees whatsoever.

2. The products include a 3-4 night stay at a 3-5 star hotel anywhere around the globe.

3. A whole library of e-books that can help you market on the internet which is valued at over $1000.

4. A personal website that is given to you on a monthly basis for free which has an optin box as well as a video and explanation of the company.

5. You will have your own travel portal and get discounts on cruises, airfare, hotel and condo stays throughout the world!

6. You will enter into the 2x3 matrix which contains 2 boards. You can cycle off the first board without bringing anyone in through spillover alone and earn $600. This means you will get your investment back, in addition to an additional $300.

7. Once you cycle off the first board, you will gain entry to the second board. On both boards you come in on the bottom and work your way toward the top. For you to get to the top of the second board and earn $10,000, you must have brought in 2 people to qualify to earn this incredible commission. When you cycle off of this second board, you keep re-entering the second board and can continue to earn $10,000 over and over again. This is the most exciting part of this compensation plan.

As stated previously, Sunrise Travel Club is new, and is looking to have offices in several countries worldwide. The owners have seen some of the poorly organized, poorly funded home travel business memberships in the past, and does plan on doing this differently.

In this terrible economy, it is great for people to have a chance to earn $10,000, get discounts in travel, and have some hope in making some money to pay off debts and other bills.

Sunrise Travel Club is a global opportunity and you can join from any country in the world. Even though it is quite new, it is this authors' belief that it is worth the investment in the long run, because of the value of products received, as well as the integrity of the company.