Sunshine Kids Car Seats are some the most unique convertible car seats available on the market today. Whether it is the model Radian 65, Radian 80 or Radian XT, all of the seats can easily be folded to about a thickness of 6.5 inches. No other company carries such a foldable care seat. For those of us that have seen car seats, it seems incredible that a car seat can be folded.

However, somehow Sunshine Kids has been able to create an attractive and safe car seat that can conveniently be folded for traveling or simply transporting it from one person to another.

It may seem gimmicky, but the most important aspect is whether the seats are safe. They are in fact very safe. For the convertible car seats, Sunshine Kids has been able to design these car seats with a full, steel alloy frame. The full, steel alloy frame offers the highest level of safety in the event of a car accident. Additionally, they have side impact protection (which is where most of the car accidents occur) as well as energy absorbing EPS foam.

There other safety features is the 5-point harness, which is also considered the safest type of harness, and they are LATCH equipped. The shoulder harness has 5 positions and the buckle has 3 positions. They also offer the covenience of a washable seat cover and pull harness to for adjusting the harness to best fit your child. The pull harness is very convenient because it can be easily adjust to accomodate your child depending on what he or she is wearing that day.

Even better is that Sunshine convertible car seats are designed so that if needed, three seats can fit across the back of your car easily. For families that have needed to install three seats together, this can be challenging to get them to fit. Sunshine car seats takes that trouble away!

If you are interested in a convertible car seat by Sunshine Kids here are the three models that are available:

Sunshine Radian 65: This seat can be used rear facing from 5-40 pounds and then foward facing up until 65 pounds. It's provides a 3 inch longer seat bottom to provide additional comfort for your child's legs. It comes in the colors granite and champagne.

Sunshine Radian 80: This seat is similar to the Radian 65. The large difference is that it can accomodate a child forward facing up until 80 pounds. It comes in a great colors, which are "Supercool", a charcoal gray mesh for better fabric breath ability, "Manhattan", a combination of charcoal gray and black velveteen, "Monaco", a tan velveteen and "Princess", a combination of solid and floral printed pink velveteen.

Sunshine Radian XT: This convertible car seat is also usable forward facing to 80 pounds. It has the additional safety feature (from the Radian 80) of an adjustable head restraint which is separate from the harness system. It comes in fabulous colors, which are "Hampton", a dark gray mesh, "Nassau", light gray velour, "Rio" red mesh and "Malibu", pink floral velour.

If you are looking for a booster seat, Sunshine Kids has the Monterey booster. Just like the convertible car seats, the Monterey booster folds flat. It also has wonderful safety features such as energy absorbing EPS foam on the sides and is LATCH equipped for added safety. It has a contoured seat design to create a better fit for your child's body as well as adjustable height. For comfort, the Monterey booster offers EPE foam seat cushioning, 12 position headrest and 2 reclining positions. It also has a rubber bottom to protect the car's upholstery, washable cover and cup holder.

The booster seat can accomodate a child 38" to 63" and a weight from 30-120 pounds. It comes in four colors black, gray and red mesh in addition to pink ultra suede.

Sunshine Kids has 3 great convertible car seats and a booster that has an array of safety features to protect your child. While at the same time it providing an attractive look. The full, steel alloy frame as well as the ability to conveniently fold the convertible car seats is unmatched by any current convertible seat on the market. They have worth while seats to take the time to look into and see if they are right for you child.