Throwing a Super Bowl party can be a great way to enjoy watching the big game with your friends.

 It's that time of the football season again, when you know your favorite team either has a shot at the “Big Game” or you will be viewing for fun, but it is time to make your Super Bowl plans either way. If none of your friends has stepped up to the challenge yet, why not throw your own Super Bowl party this year? Follow these tips and add to the fun atmosphere of game day.


Super Bowl PartiesDecorations: Almost anywhere you can find party supplies will have Super Bowl themed decorations, from signs, to napkins, to dishes. This can be a fun way to create a lighthearted atmosphere and remind everyone that they are at the party.


Activities: One of the primary activities you can do to create a friendly, competitive atmosphere between your party guests is to have a Super Bowl Pool, wagered on the score of the game. This is a good activity because it creates competition but is not drawing a line between who is a fan of either team.


Food: Being that this is an activity that many people might not want to divert their attention to, preparing a meal that could be distracting or take effort to eat may be a bad idea. Stick to snacks throughout the game, and easy, classic foods such as sandwiches, hot dogs, and hamburgers.


Guest List: Who to invite should not be a big deal, but it is usually better to have people who are going to add to the atmosphere. This is an event centered around sports, so if you have friends that are not interested in sports at all, this might not be a good idea as they will not be into the activity at hand. On the other side, someone who is so into the game itself might not want to be in an environment where people could be talking during the game and other distractions may be going on.


Whether or not your favorite team makes it to the Super Bowl, you can still have fun by throwing a great super bowl party. If your favorite team does make it, good luck to them! Encourage your guests to support the team and wear their shirts and jerseys to get into the mood. In the end, it is just a game, but it does not hurt to have a fun party and watch the game with your friends.