NFL Trivia Questions and Answers

The Super Bowl trivia questions and answers in this article will give you the facts, so you can shine at any football party you attend. Or if you are hosting your own party, then these are fun trivia questions to ask, and the answers are provided for you.

Also, knowing these football tidbits will come in handy whenever you are playing any kind of trivia game. So check out the questions and answers below!

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Fun Trivia Questions and Answers

Q - 1)  What year was the first Super Bowl played?
A -  1967 (January 15)

Q - 2)  In what city was the first Game played?
A -  Los Angeles, CA 

Q - 3)  Name the teams that played in the first Game and who won?
A -  Green Bay Packers 35 - Kansas City Chiefs 10 

Q - 4)  Which team(s) have played in the most Championship Games?
A -  The Pittsburgh Steelers, the Dallas Cowboys, and, as of the XLIX Game, the New England Patriots will have played in eight games each.

Q - 5)  Which team has won the most Super Bowl Games?
A -  Pittsburgh Steelers with six wins.

Q - 6)  Which team made it to the Super Bowl in consecutive years:  1991, 1992, 1993, and 1994 but lost each Game?
A -  Buffalo Bills

Q - 7)  Which team has lost the most Super Bowl Games?
A -  Denver Broncos have played in seven games and lost five.

Q - 8)  Who was named Most Valuable Player at the XLVIII (2014) Game?
A -  Malcolm Smith - Linebacker for the Seattle Seahawks

Q - 9)  Have all Super Bowl MVPS been chosen from the winning team?
A -  No. In 1971, Chuck Howley, Linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys, was named MVP, and the Cowboys lost to the Colts (Baltimore Colts 16 – Dallas Cowboys 13). 

Q - 10)  What position on a team has received the most MVP awards?
A -  Quarterback 

Q - 11)  What gridiron superstar has won three Most Valuable Player Awards?
A -  Joe Montana 

Q - 12)  Name the only brothers who have received Most Valuable Player Awards?
A -  Peyton Manning in 2007
A -  Eli Manning in 2008 and 2012

Q - 13)  In 1978, two Most Valuable Player Awards were given; who received these awards?
A -  Randy White, Defensive Tackle for the Dallas Cowboys
A -  Harvey Martin, Defensive End for the Dallas Cowboys

Q - 14)  Using Roman Numerals, how will Super Bowl 49 be written?

Q - 15)  Have the Seattle Seahawks ever played in a Super Bowl game before this one?
A -  Yes. They played last year in the XLVIII Game, February 2, 2014, and they beat the Denver Broncos (Seattle Seahawks 43 - Denver Broncos 8). They also played in the XL Game, February 5, 2006, and they lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers (Pittsburgh Steelers 21 - Seattle Seahawks 10).                            

Q - 16)  Which teams played in XLVIII Game, and who won?
A -  Seattle Seahawks (43) beat the Denver Broncos (8)

Q - 17)  Where was Game XLVIII (2014) played?
A -  MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey

Q - 18)  The University of Phoenix Stadium was the site for Super Bowl XLII, and Game XLIX, in 2015, will be played there. Name one unusual feature that this stadium has?
A -  “ . . . it features the first fully retractable natural grass playing surface built in the United States on top of an AirField Systems drainage system. An opening on one side of the stadium allows the playing field to move to the exterior of the building, allowing the entire natural turf playing surface to be exposed to daylight.”[1]
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Q - 19)  The winning team receives a trophy; what is it called?
A - The Vince Lombardi Trophy 

Q - 20)  What does each member of the winning team receive?
A -  A Super Bowl Ring

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In Closing

Trivia questions and answers are always a fun addition to any get together. And as you plan your party for the ‘Big Game’, print out these trivia questions and answers, and remember to have on hand a small gift to award to the participant who answers the most questions correctly. I hope you have enjoyed reading these Super Bowl Trivia Questions and Answers, and I hope that they will add to your ‘Big Game’ day of fun.

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