Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday is a big day for parties and exciting football. People gather together to watch the annual event with friends, family and food.  The big football day is second only to Thanksgiving for most food eaten in one day. Party food and entertainment is on most menus.

Though football is the predominant theme for the day, it doesn't have to be only about watching football. One idea for some pre game or post game entertainment before the big matchup can be a contest of asking trivia questions of all the guests. The Super Bowl has been around since 1967 and there are plenty of history questions and fun facts to ask super football fans. You can even make it an annual event and give some kind of prize to the trivia champ.

This list of trivia questions is divided into categories with the answers listed right below the questions.

Super Bowl Sunday

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Super Bowl Football Facts Trivia Questions

  1. What two teams were in the very first championship game?
    Answer:  The Kansas City Chiefs and the Green Bay Packers played in the first game on January 15, 1967. 

  2. Which team was the first winner of the game? 
    Answer:  Green Bay beat Kansas City 35 to 10 in the big game. 

  3. What was the location of the first Super Bowl?
    Answer: The first game was played in Los Angeles. 

  4. What was the cost of a ticket?
    Answer: You could buy a ticket to the first championship game for a cost of $6.00. 

  5. Who was the coach of the losing team in the first game?
    Answer: Hank Stram 

  6. What was the name of the player to score the first touchdown ever in a Super Bowl?
    Answer: Max McGee scored the first touchdown in Green Bay’s victory over Kansas City. 

  7. What was the first team in the Super Bowl that did not score a touchdown?
    Answer: The Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl VI. 

  8. Which team was the first wild card entry to win a Super Bowl game?
    Answer:  The Oakland Raiders beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XV. 

  9. Which team has had the most consecutive appearances?
    Answer: The Buffalo Bills in 1990, 1991, 1992 and 1993. 

  10. What team has played in four Super Bowls but has never been in the lead at anytime during any of those games?
    Answer: The Minnesota Vikings 

  11. Which four current football teams have never played in a Super Bowl game?
    Answer: Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Jacksonville Jaguars and the Houston Texans 

  12. Who was the first MVP of the game?
    Answer: Bart Starr of the Green Bay Packers 

  13. Who was the first left handed quarterback that led his team to a victory?
    Answer: Ken Stabler with the Oakland Raiders in 1977. 

  14. What city has hosted the most Super Bowls?
    Answer: Miami Florida has hosted the most games with 10.

Super Bowl Football Records Trivia Questions

  1. Which football player holds the record for the most yards receiving during a Super Bowl?
    Answer: Jerry Rice for the San Francisco 49ers with 215 yards
  2. Which football player holds the record for the most yards rushing during a Super Bowl?
    Answer: Timmy Smith for the Washington Redskins with 204 yards
  3. Which football player holds the record for the most fumbles during a Super Bowl game?
    Answer: Roger Staubach with 5 fumbles.
  4. Which football team scored the most points during a Super Bowl?
    Answer: San Francisco scored 55 points during Super Bowl XXIV.
  5. Which team has been penalized the most yards during a Super Bowl?
    Answer: The Dallas Cowboys were penalized for 133 yards during Super Bowl V.
  6. Which quarterback has passed for the most yards during a Super Bowl game?
    Answer: Kurt Warner hold the record with 414 passing yards in Super Bowl XXXIV
  7. What quarterback threw 5 interceptions during the game?
    Answer: Rich Gannon threw 5 interceptions for the Oakland Raiders during Super Bowl XXXV11.
  8. Which team has had the most wins?
    Answer:  The Pittsburgh Steelers has won the Super Bowl 6 times.
  9. Which player has won the MVP trophy the most with 3 times?
     Answer: Joe Montana
  10. What is the longest field goal every kicked in Super Bowl history?
    Answer:  Steve Christies kicked a 54 yard field goal for the Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl XXVIII
  11. What coach holds the record for the most Super Bowl wins?
    Answer: Chuck Noll
  12. Which player has played in the most Super Bowl games?
    Answer: Mike Lodish
  13. Which player has the most Super Bowl MVP awards?
    Answer: Joe Montana

Super Bowl Party Trivia Questions

Random Super Bowl Trivia Questions

  1. Why is the Super Bowl named with Roman Numerals?
    Answer: Because the football season runs over a two year span.
  2. What is the average number of people at a Super Bowl Party?
    Answer: 17
  3. Has any NFL team played in the big game on their home field? 
    Answer: No
  4. What player had his helmet stolen during the game?
    Answer: Emmett Smith in 1994
  5. In which stadium was the first indoor Super Bowl game played?
    Answer: The Louisiana Superdome
  6. How many calories does the average Super Bowl party attendee consume during the game?
    Answer: 3000 Calories

  7. Who came up with the name of the Super Bowl?
    Answer: Lamar Hunt named it after a Super Ball which was a popular toy of the time.

  8. What is the name of the trophy given out to the winning team of the Super Bowl?
    Answer: The Vinci Lombardi Trophy 

  9. What medical product sees a 20% increase in sales after the game is over?
    Answer: Antacids

  10. What common event is not likely to be scheduled on the weekend of the big game?
    Answer:  Weddings

  11. Which NFL player guaranteed his team to win the game?
    Answer: Joe Namath guaranteed that the Jets would win over the Baltimore Colts in 1969.
  12. What singer is known for an infamous “wardrobe malfunction”?
    Answer: Janet Jackson 

Hope you enjoyed reading this list of best Super Bowl trivia questions. It just may add some fun to your football party this year. It's not just about football but its a great time shared with family and friends.