A super king size down alternative comforter would make a great addition to your bedding set.  There are many reasons people want to avoid goose feathers in their bedding, some of which I’ll go over in this article.   Also included, will be some additional information to help you make sure you get a quality bedding set at a great price.  You can get a great deal on a blanket to keep you snuggly warm in bed this winter.


Why Down Alternative Comforters?

There are many reasons a person would want to have options that go beyond feathers.  Listed below are some of the best benefits to getting this kind of blanket for your bedroom. 

Allergy Free Options:  Many prefer down alternative comforters in various sizes like xl king because they have allergies.  This type of bedding allows those with moderate allergies to get something that will work better for them.  Allergens are a bid deal to anyone that suffers from them.  No sense in being allergic to a duvet you’ll be covered with for eight hours each night.  Most are also highly resistant to dust mites and fire.

Warmth:  Some fills can accurately claim they are about as warm as real down used in feather bedspreads.  You’ll find the warmth to be beneficial in cold climates, where heating costs increase during the winter months.  For this reason, a warmer blanket or covering can actually save money by allowing you to decrease the thermostat setting to a more energy efficient number.

Cleaning:  You are supposed to dry clean real down.  You don’t have to do this with most of the comforter fill alternatives, as most are machine washable.  This makes it much easier to clean your bedding at home, without having to pay more money just to have it washed and clean.

Softness:  Those prickly ends on the feathers, the quills, or veins, aren’t always fully removed, which causes you to get poked during the night while you’re asleep.  Many prefer the feel and softness that comes from cotton fill and other alternatives commonly used in super king down comforters and blankets.  It’s a great reason to try the other options.  In all fairness, the down is the soft, fluffy part and not the actual feather, but many manufacturers allow a small amount to enter the fill.  Both ducks and geese, especially white, can be used.

Quality:  You can still get high thread counts of over 300 with alternative down comforters in any size, including super king.  While you can buy a lower grade blanket, you don’t have to.  This means more options for the consumer.

you need.

Cotton:  A pretty common and natural alternative in cheap xl king size comforters, but they don’t hold their shape nearly as well as most of the others listed.  It’s a natural product, but it tends to mat down, which actually decreases the insulation effect and warmth.  It can be fluffed, however, so with some rather inconvenient effort on your end, it can be made to work well at a reduced price.

Silk:  Silk sounds luxurious and comfortable, doesn’t it?  This isn’t a synthetic down alternative comforters, as silk is a natural product.  It’s pretty warm and very soft, which helps to make you more comfortable when sleeping at night.  Check out stores in person and online to see what they have available for bedding with silk fill.  You might be surprised at how reasonably priced this option can actually be.

Who Sells Them?

Almost anyone sells these.  You can buy them at big box retail stores, online and through catalogs, and just about anywhere else that bedding is sold.  Many people often wonder if specific products, like Ikea’s down alternative comforter is allergy free.  This is all a part of the comparison shopping and review checking process that you might want to take.  Pricing and quality is going to vary greatly, but you’ll have plenty of control in checking them out.  As you can see, when it comes to super king size down alternative comforters, you have all the options