Are video games a huge part of your household? Do you often hear the playful tinkling of Mario or Luigi grabbing coins? Then your child will go crazy for a Super Mario Bros theme party! There are lots of Super Mario Bros party supplies to help you create the adventure, whether for a birthday or for Halloween. Here you'll get a list of some essentials and some good Super Mario Bros party ideas as well.

A Super Mario Bros Theme Party: For The Gamer In Everyone

For anyone that has played video games in their life, The Mario brothers (Mario and Luigi) hold a special spot in their memories. The antics of these two, along with the other cast of characters in the related Nintendo Super Mario Bros video games, have been around since 1985, and today the franchise is still going strong. A Super Mario Bros theme party is a blast for the kids, but even many parents will find it cute and even a bit fun. They played these video games when they were a child too. It's like life has come full circle. 

Super Mario Bros Party Supplies: The Essentials You Need

When you decide to go for this theme party, you're going to want the best party supplies to make it totally fun. You've got some help below. Here's a list of supply essentials that will help your event look like it was designed by a super-fan.

Super Mario Bros invitations

Child fans of these games will be jumping when they learn that they've been invited to a theme party starring their favorite video game brothers. You want to get them excited early on, so get those invites in the mail a few weeks in advance. This is especially important if you are throwing a costume party. The families you are inviting need time to get Super Mario Bros costumes in order.

Super Mario Brothers 2 Inch Mini Figures Set of 18Super Mario Bros figurines

Figurines will come in handy in so many ways during your party decorating. They are excellent to use in bulk as a table centerpiece, and they make exceptional party favors for the kids at the end of the event. Plus, you can use them to decorate your cake and even as accent pieces on furniture all around your space.

Super Mario Bros wall decals and balloons

Your room should look like a fan cave, and to do so you'll need lots of balloons and wall stickers to dress the place up. If you're concerned about the stickers, don't be. They are made to apply and remove easily, and they don't leave any marks. They're great for temporarily dressing up a space.

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Super Mario Bros. Standard Party Pack (8 pk)Super Mario Bros tableware

Any table in your space that will be featuring food should be dressed up with supplies featuring Mario, Luigi, or their video game friends. Super Mario Bros paper plates and cups are obviously needed, but don't overlook a table cover and a centerpiece, like the figurines mentioned above.

Super Mario Bros cake topper

If you're throwing a Super Mario Bros birthday party, you're going to need a theme cake. The easiest way is with cake toppers that create great scenes featuring the main characters from the Nintendo video games. Another option are those versatile figurines once again!

A Super Mario Bros standup

Give the kids something to pose by for an excellent photo opportunity. A Mario standup (or really any of the characters) will impress your guests. It's not something you see at every party!

Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Question Mark Box Coin Candies

Star and coin candies

Coins and stars are a big part of any Super Mario Bros game, so make sure they are a big feature for your party too. Having candies shaped like them is an excellent way to go about it.

Fake mustaches for the kids

Mario and Luigi sport big bushy mustaches, and you can surprise the kids with a fun party favor when they walk through the door! Give them a mustache of their own that they can wear during the party. It makes for a fun group photo.

Super Mario Deluxe Child CostumeA Mario or Luigi costume

If it's a costume party you are planning, obviously a costume is a must. But it might also be fun for the birthday boy (or girl) to dress up as one of the main characters.

Super Mario Bros party favors

You'll want to load up the kids with party favors related to the theme. There are many stock party favor boxes with lots of varieties of inexpensive Super Mario Bros toys. You can also use plastic gold coins as a party favor, tying right back into the big coin theme in the video games.

When you pull these essentials together, you'll have a solid foundation for a very cool party! Know, though, that there are lots more great Super Mario Bros party supplies that you can use to add more depth to your event. Get creative and enjoy how much fun the kids will have on the big day!