Super Mario Galaxy 2 is one of Mario's great platform games. Once again Mario takes to outer space in an enthralling platform romp across the galaxies. This Mario game includes 120 gold stars to collect in all, and you'll need at least 70 to defeat Bowser.

Finding the Stars

Mario Galaxy has plenty of stars to pick up through the various galaxies. Most of the galaxies include at least two stars, and some of those are more hidden. Those are the stars that have question marks over them.When searching for some of the hidden stars you should look out for as many pipes as possible. Quite a few of them are hidden down more obscured pipes within the various galaxies. Down these pipes you might run into a chimp who will give you a star providing that you meet and eclipse the scoring requirements laid down.

Collect as many coins as possible. In a number of the hidden star galaxies there are Lumas that eat coins instead of star bits. If you have collected the required number of coins for them to gobble up they'll transform into a star that will transport you to another planet in the galaxy. That planet will most likely include a star.

Mario Galaxy 2Credit: Image from Nintendo website.

You should collect more than the minimum required stars from the galaxies to the finish a world. If you don't you might find you have to backtrack quite a bit back to previous galaxies to pick up more stars. Collect at least a couple more stars than the minimum required before going to the next new galaxies.

Prankster comets can also emerge if you pick up the comet medals. Those are in a few levels, and you'll also have to collect all of them if you are to pick up the full 120. Just for the 70 they'll provide you with some star shortcuts.

Unlock Luigi

You can play as Luigi in every galaxy. If you don't unlock Luigi then you'll only run into him a few times in the galaxies. To unlock Luigi you should first defeat Bowser at Bowser's Galaxy Generator, and then talk to the Mail Toad. The Mail Toad will provide a message from Luigi, and a L will emerge on the Starship Mario. Go inside and then you'll be able to play as Luigi in every galaxy!

Scoop up the Star Bits

Every galaxy has lots of star bits scattered across them. You should pick up plenty of them, as every 100 will provide you with a 1 up. Remember that you can pull star bits in, and don't have to pick them up with Mario. In addition to this, when you have collected a specific bit total you can feed the Lumas on the map. They will then transform aboard Starship Mario, paving the way to new galaxies and more stars to pick up.

Chit Chat

Chit chat can give you some key hints in galaxies. As such, you should chat with anybody you can in the galaxies. There are also some sign posts that can be worth noting.

Spin Mario

Spinning is generally more effective than jumping. You can't jump on everything to wipe them out in Mario Galaxy 2. But spinning will take out most in Mario's path.

Defeating the bosses

MG 2 has a variety of bosses. One thing that most bosses include on their small planets are coins, which might be encapsulated within breakable ice blocks. Break the blocks to pick up the coins and keep Mario above the one life minimum. Then you'll certainly last longer in your duels with the galaxy bosses. Star bits may also be scattered around levels, which should be collected as they could provide an extra 1 up.

These suggestions should ensure you pick up more stars. If you find all 120 then a further 120 Green Stars are unlocked!