AHHHH the joy of fatherhood. A fantastic, and wonderful journey. Wait, most fathers, well those that I know of, are out in the work force. I however, am a member of an ever-growing trend that is the stay at home father. Yes, my wife makes more money than me, and im not ashamed of that. I was laid off of my job, about around the time my wife was finishing nursing school and giving birth to our beautiful son, and we decided together that I, being a pretty smart guy(sometimes, lol) would be a stay at home dad, defender of the universe and all things, sticky, stinky and slimy.


My kryptonite? Fighting Games.


This is my “one thing”. Everyone has one. You know, that thing  from your childhood that you REALLY still love, but really never talk about with people who don't love it. Excluding me, who considers myself as the worlds first fighting game preacher to those who don't know about the goodness of fighters, lol. Even created a crew of fighting game clerics, called Team Red.3ye, and we're looking for sponsorship. Check us out on Youtube at TeamRed3ye, Twitter at http://twitter.com/#!/TeamRed3ye/, and Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/teamred3ye. (Extremely Shameless Plugs, lol)


Ugh, im getting off topic.


First and foremost, my son comes first, so no one get this twisted, lol. Every parent has a hobby that they love, and your kids needs should ALWAYS come first, im just poking fun at us gamers, Especially fighting gamers. Take my wife for instants, I have a video of us at home after she had the baby, him being 3 months old, soo sweet(oh he's 3 now, the sweetness lingers a little still, but it's overrun by his strong since of justice when he wants another juice box. What? The kid has passion, conviction, and a veggie chip and apple juice addiction, lol.), and he's on her tummy, sleeping. What is she doing you may ask? Playing Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm, see when we had Gamefly, which is awesome, but with me being in college, and her working, Gamefly is, in all forms, the devil. lol. No diss to Gamefly, we love it, we just had no time to play. Until we got creative that is, Or after the work and he was sleeping. Me, admitting my addiction to fighting games, posed a particular problem. FOCUS. Trying to play a fighting, online or offline, with a toddler, Is like playing Chess during a John woo, dove filled gun fight. You will lose. I can't imagine what people who competitively play FPS(first person shooters) do with their children. And in my case, it gets worse, I use something called a home arcade stick, (relax people in the FGC, I know you know what I know you know, lol.) for the few that don't know, it's like a home version of the Arcade panels from your childhood, that some of us in the FGC (fighting game community) use to play. So sometimes there is this huge controller sitting on my lap, the place my son likes to sit and watch cartoons, which to him, Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 is an extremely fast cartoon, that daddy loses at a lot. Not to mention, toddlers are SUPER mobile, so playing in the living room when he wants to go to his toy room is a not going to work.


The Re-insurgence!!!


Fighters have always been near and dear to me. And 2009 was an exciting year. my son was born a day before my birthday in January, which was the BEST birthday I have EVER had. My wife was embarking on a new career journey, I was about to starting experiencing life anew as a father and stay at home dad, and February 12th, Street fighter 4 hit the FGC on the ground running. Being an old school fighting game player i own some classics like Vampire Savior, The King Of Fighters series and Street fighter alpha series to obscurities, like Jo Jo's bizarre adventure, Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer and( although not super rare and unknown, but I had to mention, because I LOVE this game. shout-outs to the internet and imports!) The Last Blade/2. If you ask anyone, they will tell you without a doubt that Street Fighter 4 brought a fresh pair of eyes to streams, message boards, and the FGC as a whole. Put two members of the community in a room, and tell them darkstalkers 4, Street fighter alpha 4, and Samurai Shodown 7 are getting a release date, and the room will EXPLODE with hype.


The list...


So I decided to tinker, and come up with a portable, fully functional gaming station without having to pay a LOT of money. Note: im pretty sure this is not the first device of this kind built, heck i wouldn’t be surprised at all to see a few of these flying around the internet. I went to Lowe’s and bought one of those small, super strong black wire racks, a set of industrial casters, and a 3-prong extension cord, and this one was yellow, with a clear head and led light to show that current was flowing, which is awesome to let you know to unplug it when your done and a few Velcro ties(i didn't use zip ties because I wanted to adjust the cords ). I put everything together, and with some things I already have, small pc speakers, my ps3/360, a surge protector power supply, an hd tv tuner box I had lying around that I strongly recommend you get to patch out your sound if you use a hdmi cable. I snagged a discounted 26 inch dell lcd monitor for 50 bucks, a wireless router which is a must  to make this work for online play and portability, and I came up with this.(picture at the end of article)


Not to shabby right? Totally not expensive. The hd tv tuner could be substituted with a component female to vga or dvi male, which is super cheap online, and a rca av to 3.5mm female link, which is also cheap. This allows you to go places like you child's play room, and allows you to play a little while he/she plays. Note: you must have multitasking skills, with that said, make sure your child's play room is TOTALLY safe before you do this. I'm one of those “super overprotective” parents, but honestly, I don't think there's any other way  when it comes to a toddler. My son is tiny Matt Murdock. Totally blind when it comes to fear, and he wants to compete in parkour on our couch, im not kidding.... at ALL.


THe Rig.(87383)
Arcade Stick.