Super Rub a Dub is essentially a glorified tech demo for the Playstation 3. In fact, this was known as the “E3 duck demo” prior to being fully put together and released as an actual video game experience. Still, tech demo or not, there is a lot of quirky fun to be had here.

Many reviews of Super Rub a Dub have a tendency to come with an immature perspective that this game is “lame” or unworthy of playing because of it’s content. Sure, you may play the character of a rubber duck, who collects other, smaller rubber ducks; in an attempt to navigate labyrinths of mazes and other obstacles. But, in all honesty, it is this simple and rather childish set up that fuels this pure piece of gaming fun and happiness.

Perhaps it would be odd to further enlighten you that the first time I actually played this game I was drunk. My cousin had recently come down from New Hampshire, and made the decision to purchase this game because he found the demo to be “hilarious and fun.” With the full game in my virtual hand, I maintain that this is an excellent gaming experience if you are playing with multiple people, if you are intoxicated, or if you are just looking for a simple game with simple gameplay. Not to mention, this game is very relaxing as well; and features simply stunning visual effects. Never before in gaming have I seen water effects that looked so real. And while the bathtub boards you play on float seemingly on an abstract and ethereal plane, it certainly does a great job with seemingly replication some sort of bizarre spiritual experience.

There is no story behind this game, but this makes perfect sense considering this is a casual game at its core. The camera angle you play from is perfect. The actual controls utilize “total Sixaxis control” on the PS3 controller to navigate, eliminating the need to press buttons at all while actually playing the game. Just tilt the controller in the direction you wish to guide your duck(s), and you are good to go. A little jilt of the controller will allow you duck to jump, and also prove to be a strategic advantage against the mechanical sharks that show up in later levels.

The key behind Super Rub a Dub is simplicity. If you are expecting anything more than a casual gaming experience, then you will surely be disappointed. But amidst the 60+ mazes that you will be able to play, there is no doubt in my mind that you will be able to find at least minimal enjoyment from this game. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I look forward to playing this video game every day I wake up; but it serves a great purpose, especially when I have friends over. Casual gamers just love the simplicity. My grandmother is even able to get into this game! Seriously, no video game on modern, “next gen” video game consoles have come close to bringing the elderly and non-gamers in contact with a Playstation 3 controller.

Of course, this is not a perfect game by any stretch either. There are certainly flaws. For example, many people consider the gameplay to be fairly monotonous. And, in all honesty, it is too a good degree. Very little changes from level to level. You may get a bonus level where you get to be the shark (and eat the ducks!), or find that the challenges get much more difficult towards the end; but still the gameplay is fairly simple and not dependent on pressing buttons at all. Additionally, the accuracy of the Sixaxis controls tends to leave a lot to be desired. Still, with a little bit of experience in game, controlling the physic’s based game board becomes incredibly easy; and rather satisfying.

At the end of the day, Super Rub a Dub is not going to win any awards; but it is a gloriously cute and fun game that makes great use of the Sixaxis control scheme. The graphics are beautiful, and even the sound design is very nice. Ultimately, I doubt very many people will play this game too much on their own; but with friends and family this casual game experience will no doubt become the center of attention. My personal recommendation is that you play this game while intoxicated, as it heightens the experience further still!