Hamilton Beach Super Shooter

Baking home made cookies, especially around Easter, Christmas and other holidays, is a fun way to express your creativity.  Most cookie lovers have a favorite tool they use for making a variety of cookies in different shapes.  Mine is the cordless Super Shooter made by Hamilton Beach.  Wear-Ever also has an electric cookie press with the same name but not the exact same features.   I like the freedom of the cordless when I have a lot of things going on at once and I’m moving around the kitchen.

I’ve had my cookie press for many years and it still works as well as it did when it was new.  Before I found my Super Shooter, I had tried some other cookie presses.  The metal triggers and manual operated styles were really hard on the hands when I had a big job to do, like all those pretty decorated Christmas cookies.  The Super Shooter has a big easy grip plastic trigger that’s really comfortable on the hands. 

Comfortable grip trigger

Just squeeze and the dough moves through the chamber.  It’s very easy to control and the results are cookies so professional looking you’d think they were made at a gourmet bakery.

Hamilton Beach thought of everything with this product.   The Super Shooter includes eight discs for creating fun cookie shapes like a:



Christmas Tree

Sail Boat





Cookie Discs

Also included are two tips, a ridged one for decorating cakes or adding frosting to cookies, and a filler tip for injecting cream into cream puffs or jelly into doughnuts, or any ingredient into all sorts of pastas and pastries.  I’ve also used the filler tip to inject a meat pie mixture into bread rolls to create a sort of individual meat pie appetizer.


If you’re a creative person, the Super Shooter is a designers dream.  It’s the perfect tool for whipping up special canapés for a party.



Attach the ridged tip, fill the chamber with soft cheese and squeeze onto crackers and toasts.  Here are a few other ideas:

• Mix chopped smoked salmon with cream cheese and shoot onto cucumber slices.

• Make coffee drinks special by topping them with home made, ridged, whip cream. 

• Fill the shooter with mashed potatoes and create pretty ridged mounds on individual dinner plates. 

• Use the ridged tip to fill baked potatoes with cheese or potato filling.

• Entice kids to eat vegetables my mashing them and shooting shapes onto their plates.

The Super Shooter is very easy to assemble and take apart.  Nothing will rust here because other than the eight cookie discs, there are no metal parts.  Even the center shaft that propels the ingredients through the Shooter, is hard plastic.  The see-through chamber is very convenient.  You always know when it’s time to add more filling.

I saw Super Shooters listed on Amazon some time ago.  But you can also find them on eBay with prices that range anywhere from $10 to $30.  Even a used Super Shooter is worth every single penny. I love to entertain and have put a lot of miles on this handy kitchen tool, which proves that they’re extremely well made.  I’ve had mine for at least 25 years and it’s still in perfect shape.  I just add four new AA batteries now and then and I’m ready to create.  If anything ever happens to my Super Shooter, I’m heading straight to eBay to buy another.