You Want Simple Salsa?

If you are looking for a super simple salsa recipe that is a little different and is actually is good for you, read on.  This recipe will be delicious, easy to make, and you can leave it out all day without worrying about it.  It also makes a great pot-luck item to share.

It won't be as simple as opening a can of salsa from the store, but it will taste a lot better.

To keep this more guiltless, I will recommend you pair it with some bite size whole grain or multi grain tortilla chips.  You will want to mind you calories there, because if you are a fan of most salsa, you won't be able to stop eating this one.

The Ingredients

To make this super simple salsa recipe here's what you need:

  • 1 can of black beans, drained (or 2 cups of fresh cooked black beans)
  • 1 can of multi-colored sweet corn, drained (or 1.5 cups of fresh cooked corn kernels)
  • 1 small jar of salsa (choose mild, medium, or hot to your liking)
  • 1 purple onion, diced (yes, the whole thing)
  • 1 red bell pepper, diced
  • 1 tablespoon of chopped garlic (or more if you're feeling it)
  • 1 tablespoon of cumin (the spice)
  • 2 tablespoons of lime juice


That's the list.  If you want to go fast, dice the onion, pepper, and garlic and you're about done.  If you want to go really fresh cook your own black beans ahead of time and take the kernels off of a fresh ear of corn and throw them in just like that.

I will recommend that you look to keep the sodium as low as you can, since you don't need it to make this salsa taste great.  You can find low sodium beans and corn if you try.  Also, be sure to rinse the beans and corn well to get rid the canned juice completely.  There will be plenty of water content left without it.

The Process For The Impatient

At this point I could elaborate about all the critical steps in the process to make this recipe.  But I won't.  There is only one step and here it is:

1. Mix everything together


The Process For The Detail Oriented

OK, you are one of those people who wants everything laid out step by step.  I can do that.  Here is the process:

  1. Empty the black beans into a strainer and rinse them well, until there is absolutely no black showing in the water.  We don't want that black color in our salsa.  Empty into a big bowl.
  2. Empty the corn into a strainer and rinse them well.  We don't want the extra sodium in that water, nor do we want the water that was in the can.  Empty into our big bowl.
  3. Open the can of salsa and empty it into our big bowl.
  4. Dice the purple onion into small (but not too small) pieces.  You want to make it small enough not to get us a big onion bit but not so small it is reduced to nothing.  We want to see it.  Add to the big bowl.
  5. Dice the red pepper into pieces about the same size as the purple onion pieces.  Add to the big bowl.
  6. Chop the garlic well.  These pieces can be as small as you can get them.  You can cheat here with pre-chopped garlic from a jar, but rinse them in the strainer if you do.  Add to the big bowl.
  7. Add the cumin to our big bowl.
  8. Add the lime juice to our big bowl.  Since you can buy 100% real lime juice in a bottle that is acceptable.  If you are more adventurous you can buy limes and squeeze the fresh juice.
  9. Mix everything together well.

Eat Up!

All that's left now if the fun part - eating. 

I will say that if you are one of those people who likes to burn your tongue on spicy food, you can go wild with this one but my recipe is pretty tame.  I left off such things as tabasco on purpose, because I'm usually making this for a group or an event and I don't want people running from the building, but if that's how you like it be my guest.

This salsa will store in the refrigerator for several days with no problem.  It will also do just fine at the picnic on a warm day so it is a great thing to bring along to a family reunion or pot-luck. 

I find that most people's reaction to this is "What is that?", but once they try it they want more.  Because of this, you might want to stage the chips along with the salsa so that everyone knows they go together.  Enjoy!

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