What Multiplayer Games Were Made For

Although there has been a steady growth of games, it's been increasingly hard to find a decent multiplayer game that doesn't require the players to have an online connection.  That being said, Super Smash Bros, Melee in my, as well as many others' opinion, has to be the best multiplayer local game ever made.  This article is going to outline some of the reasons why it still is.



Excellent character roster

Every game has a star, and this one is no exception, EXCEPT that it's packed with multiple stars and iconic characters.  From heros to villains, the selection of characters provide is a great option.  Gamers are able to use familiar faces  such as Samus, Link, Peach, and ganondorf.


Playback ability

This  game has EXCELLENT gameplay.  There are a variety of challenges and unlockables to keep the players busy for hours.  The different match types such as giant mode, ability to use hundreds of items, and a target smash home-run contest!  1-4 players can engage in melees for hours.


Technical aspect

There an incredible technical side to the game that will keep the most hardcore gamers challenged.  There's a variety of things to consider such as: hit boxes, wavedashing, spiking, teaching, shields, and priority of hits!


Learning curve

Although this game has incredible depth of gameplay, it doesn't burden it's player with memorization of combos like many other fighting games.  The only thing a person has to know in order to start playing is two buttons essentially, attack (A) special attack (B), and use the joystick to move.  The user will then intuitively discover that by combining the buttons with different directions on the joystick that new attacks are created.



I think that the graphics still stand good today, especially for an older counsel.  The characters are defined well, and are at a good size to be visible and not distracting to the player.


No blood

The game's rating allows it to be playable by gamers of all ages, making it easily assessable to a broader audience.  Unlike many other games, Smash doesn't rely on blood and gore to attract it's viewers.


Audio Quality

On of my favorite aspects of this game is the quality of it's audio.  Audio enhances gameplay immensely, and this is no exception to Smash Bros Melee.  The levels are fully enhanced by more than quality soundtracks in addition to a broad range of personalized sounds and effects for each character.  One can spend hours viewing the  many sound files in the games audio bank, accessible in the games menu.

I hope this outline was able to give you a little more insight to an excellent game, and why it still is one of the best to this day.  As they say, "they don't make em' like they use to!"


Thank you for reading, take care, and feel free to leave a comment below.