Super Mario gets Super Fit
Credit: david_a_l

Being Super Fit

There are literally thousands of articles out there with all types of tips to burn fat, build muscle and look great but which ones are the most effective?

Sure there are various generic ways to get fit however you must take into account your age, body type, genetics, lifestyle factors etc. Throughout my many years of training and trialling all different methods I’ve come up with the best of the best, effective ways to really get you super fit.

When I mean super fit I mean like an athlete’s body, the ones that most people only dream about in their sleep. It’s really up to you how much you want to put in, the more intense your workouts and regimes are the faster you will reach super fitness, nevertheless, these tips are great additions to any fitness regime.

Fitness 101

Before we dive into the super tips, let’s have a quick look at some basic theory. The key to achieving super fitness this is a combination of various factors

  • Increasing your metabolism: Imagine your metabolism as the guy in a ship’s engine room, the faster the guy can shove coal (with coal being analogous to fat) into the furnace the less coal that will be left over.
  • Building lean muscle: Lean muscle is what we are working up towards. The kind of muscle that creates contours and shadows around your body whilst making you feel like a superhero.
  • Burning excess fat: Although some fats are necessary for a properly functioning body, I’m referring more to the permanent food bellies, thunder thighs, double chins and any other mutations of the human body attributed by fat.
  • Quality fuel, patterns: You are what you eat, if you put shoddy food down your gullet you would expect your body to be made of shoddy quality materials. Also, when and how much you eat will definitely have an impact on your health.
  • Rest and recover: No great athlete trains without having adequate rest and recovery, it is critical in allowing your body to rebuild itself into one lean beast.

Understanding these vital concepts will give you greater control of your fitness regimes.

Now let’s talk about the three main tools you need to get super fit: Exercise, Diet and Lifestyle.



We all know exercise is essential for sculpting the body of our dreams however the real question is what exercises benefits you the most? You could call walking for half an hour to and from work exercise but will that really make you ‘super fit’? Most likely not unless your climbing a viciously high mountain to work or you’ve got an elephant strapped to your back.

The whole concept behind exercise is ‘pain = gain’, that is if you don’t feel challenged you will not grow. If you want to be super fit you have to be willing to ‘destroy your body’ just enough each time that you recover and become even stronger. That is, each grunt, grimace, burn and gasp for air is a step closer towards the glory of being super fit.

Exercise Super Tips

The most effective type of exercise I’ve found is called 'Fartlek' training (or its close cousin Interval training). This is where you pick a particular type of exercise such as running and vary the intensity with different time intervals. For instance, walk for 200 meters, jog for 100 meters then sprint as fast as you can for 30 seconds then repeat the cycle a few times. The idea behind this type of exercise is that it shocks the body with its unpredictability whilst the intensity pushes your body so that it is forced to adapt and become more efficient in meeting random demands.

The great thing about this type of exercise is that you only need to do about 10 minutes to get the equivalent of a 30 minute workout – remember to give it everything you’ve got during the rapid phases.

A simple rule of thumb when it comes to being super fit is that if you don’t feel like you’re going to pass out and on the brink of death then you’re probably not going to get there as fast. If you are a beginner to this I would definitely recommend gradual steps to raising intensity rather than killing yourself on the first day.

Morning Exercise

Have you noticed that the so called ‘crazy people’ that wake up 4am in the morning are usually super fit? Why is that? You might think that anyone that can wake up before the sun rises and exercise in the cold rather than spend those precious hours embracing the warmth of their bed has super human abilities, you might be right. It’s actually simpler than that, exercising in the morning has numerous benefits over exercising any other time in the day especially before breakfast.

  • Morning exercise boosts your metabolism for the whole day which means that you burn more calories throughout the day rather than if you worked out just before you sleep. It also gives you a ‘jump start’ for the day, keeping you energized and alert throughout.
  • It also boosts mental acuity and can last around 4-10 hours so it is far better to be switched on during the day than when you sleep. Imagine the possibilities of being super switched on during the whole day – it will dramatically improve the quality of your life.
  • If done before breakfast, morning exercise directly uses your fat deposits as a source of energy which is great if you are trying to shed stubborn fat.

Make morning exercise a daily routine and notice the super benefits it has on your health and general well-being.

Remember that your exercise is only as effective as your stretches, stretches help prevent injury whilst improving performance and recovery time. Always lightly stretch before working out and stretch again after intense workouts.

Apart from exercise the next 'tool' you can use to become super fit is refining your diet.