In part 1 we talked about the role of exercise for fitness and weight loss, now let's look at how diet can influence your fitness levels . They say that weight loss is attributed by approximately 70% diet and 30% exercise that means that it is more than 2 times more effective to lose weight through diet choices than to exercise! You are what you eat so take on these simple yet effective diet tips to become super fit and healthy!

There are thousands of different ways to lose weight through diet such as eating certain foods with metabolism boosting properties, consuming low caloric foods, or protein rich diets however the simplest and most effective ways to become super fit is tackling the issue of overeating and consuming poor nutritional food.

Control Your Portions

Portion control can make a significant impact on your health. Eating 4-5 smaller meals is far superior to eating 2-3 large meals. Contrary to reason, eating more frequently yet smaller portions actually helps you to keep thinner. Eating smaller meals frequently actually keeps your metabolism running throughout the day just to meet demands hence your metabolism is consistently higher throughout the whole day. Better yet, try eating 5-6 light meals a day, or every two hours and see how hungry you actually get – which means your metabolism is in overdrive burning calories and fat!

Consume Nutrionally Dense Food

Eating a range of fresh vegetables and fruit is common sense, however, why is it super effective in being super fit? Apart from all the abundance of natural nutrition it packs, there are hardly any calories in fresh vegetables and fruit. To give you some perspective let’s take 1 pound of sirloin steak and compare it with 1 pound of standard vegetables. There is about 1000 calories in that 1 pound of sirloin steak whilst there is only about 70 calories from that 1 pound of vegetables. Vegetables (and fruits) have far less energy density in each pound than meat or any other carbohydrate rich foods, i.e. pasta, rice, bread etc. hence it is far better to consume more nutritionally dense food than caloric dense food. You will fill your stomach up with nutrition rather than extra calories.

The average human needs about 4 pounds of food to function properly. So what that ultimately means is that you if you were to eat 4 pounds of sirloin steak you will have about 4000 calories extra you need to burn in a day to avoid putting on weight. Similarly, eating 4 pounds of vegetables will give you only about 300 calories.

Think about it this way, you need a certain amount of food each day, vegetables are nutritionally dense rather than calorie dense – eating say a 50g chocolate bar which has 250 calories by itself would require you to eat about 9 chocolate bars just to feel full whilst consuming about 3000 calories!

Better yet, watch this video to see exactly what 200 calories looks like in various types of foods.

There are some diets that involve consuming only protein rich foods which supposedly keep you full for longer whilst acting as the building blocks for muscle development. While these sound like a great idea compared to the traditional high caloric carbohydrates based meals, you will lack the essential nutrients to function as a super fit person. Instead, aim to eat only fresh vegetables, fruits, grains and supplement with any necessary protein rich foods when possible – avoid high carbohydrate foods where you can (you still need some) and you will literally see the fat drain from your body.

Drink the Elixir of Life - Water

Lastly, you’ve probably heard of this many times when it comes to losing weight – drink lots of water! Apart from helping you flush out toxins and ramps up your metabolism it keeps your stomach feeling fuller which means you won’t eat as much. I propose drinking before meals to fill then taking regular gulps throughout the meal then finally more water at the end. Yes, it may sound like you are trying to 'waterboard' your stomach but the benefits of water are exceptional given its 0 calories content.

If you get bored with plain water, spice it up by putting a lemon in it which detoxes your system whilst the pectin inside lemons curbs hunger. Similarly, you can switch it with green tea for similar benefits, both with literally zero calories.

The final tool you have to become super fit is optimizing your Lifestyle.