Up this point we've looked at exercise and dieting as tools to become super fit, the third and most powerful tool part of our arsenal is lifestyle.

Lifestyle refers to the everyday choices you make that have a cumulative effect on your health and well-being. For instance, if you exercised intensely for an hour but stayed on the couch for the rest of your day whilst snacking on junk food till 3am each day you would be still worse off than a person that didn’t do any intense workouts except eating health, walked to work and slept a solid 8 hours.

It’s the quality and summation of every single action or inaction that makes up your lifestyle. If your life is full of poor lifestyle choices your health and well-being will pay the price in the long run, so why not make some easy adjustments to your lifestyle that lead you towards becoming super fit.

Get Optimum Natural Sleep

What do I mean by optimum and natural? First of all, get as a minimum 7 hours sleep and a maximum of 9 hours. Natural means sleep is regular, uninterrupted and in the dark.

Sleep is critical to repairing your body, optimizing your metabolism, and regulating your hunger hormones (Cortisol, Ghrelin and Leptin). Without optimal natural sleep, your body can go haywire, making you snack more, lowering your metabolism and storing more fat.

Some simple tips are sleeping in a quiet, pitch dark room so that your sleep cycles (REM) are not interrupted, sleeping and waking up at a regular time so that it doesn’t cause imbalances or irregularities in hormones and avoid eating (especially caffeine) and exercising 2-3 hours prior to sleep – also note that exercise can actually improve the quality of your sleep but for some it might keep them overactive.

Frequent Routine Movement

This has to be a conscious lifestyle choice and has to be practiced consistently. It involves making small yet large changes to your lifestyle by incorporating as much frequent movement as possible. For instance, instead of taking the escalator take the stairs, instead of sitting on a chair sit on an exercise ball, instead of taking the car to work walk or ride a bicycle, you get the point.

In addition, routine is the key. Make it a habit of getting off your chair at least every half an hour and doing some simple and short exercises such as stretching or 5 push ups or whatever. The idea is just to keep moving – these short and simple exercises may seem like they won’t make an impact but you have to remember that being fit is a lifestyle choice, and those short exercises accumulate in burning calories, boosting metabolism and a whole range of other benefits. Integrating more movement and short exercises on top of your exercise regime will certainly have a huge impact on your general well-being.

Final Words

As I mentioned previously, being super fit is a consistent lifestyle choice – you cannot enjoy life if you are on your deathbed no matter how much money you have. If you choose this road of health and well-being, it is sure to pay off dividends – it comes with a sustained life-time of benefits, your health is the most important asset you will ever have. Without your health and well-being you lose everything else. Enjoy life by taking care of your health and you will reap the abundant rewards that come with dedication and persistence.

The key to these super tips is slowly working them into your regimes – going cold turkey might actually deter you. It’s also important to remember that moderation is the key so see what optimal balance in exercising, diet and lifestyle is for you.

As a caveat you should consult a doctor if you have preexisting medical conditions before engaging in radical regimes that could compromise your health.

There you have it, some of the most effective tips that will fast track your way to being super fit or whatever level of fitness you wish to achieve. All the best and feel free to comment on how whether these super tips are working for you!

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