The Superbowl

What is the Super Bowl? The Super Bowl is the game played to decide which team is the best in the National Football League, also known as the NFL.  The team with the best record in each division, along with the winners of the two wild card games get into the playoffs.  The Super Bowl is the game that concludes the playoffs.  So to make it to the Superbowl, a team can't lose a single game!  Unlike many other sports, in the Super bowl you only get one game.  There is no seven game series as in basketball or baseball, just one chance!  The teams that are in the Super Bowl are the two best teams that must be a well-oiled unit.  They must have all the fundamentals down, so experience plays a great role.  The Super Bowl is the most watched sporting event every year.  This year the Super Bowl had over 108 MILLION viewers in the United States alone!  That's almost one third of the United States.  Since the Super Bowl is such a widely viewed event, many advertisers wish to use it to promote their companies.  Some advertisers are even willing to pay up to 4 million dollars for just a 30 second commercial.  That is over 90% more than it was just 1 decade ago! The Super Bowl makes memories.  Who could ever forget the heroics of Jerry Rice and his 3 touchdowns? In the Super Bowl, the stars will make their plays and earn their paychecks.  The Super Bowl is where the stars are made.
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Passing yards:

1.  Kurt Warner, 414 yards

2. Kurt Warner, 377 yards

3. Kurt Warner, 365 yards

Passing touchdowns:

1. Steve Young, 6

2. Joe Montana, 5

3. Terry Bradshaw, Doug Williams, Troy Aikman, 4


1. Rich Gannon, 5

2. Craig Morton, Jim Kelly, Drew Bledsoe, Kerry Collins, 4

3. 11 players

Quarterback Rating (career):

1. Joe Montana, 127.8

2. Jim Plunket, 122.8

3. Terry Bradshaw, 112.8

Longest Pass

1. Jake Delhomme, 85 yards

2. Brett Favre, 81 yards

3. Jim Plunkett, Doug Williams, John Elway, 80 yards

Running Backs

Running Backs:

Rushing Yards:

1.Timmy Smith, 204 yards

2. Marcus Allen, 191 yards

3. John Riggins, 166 yards

Rushing Touchdowns:

1.Terrel Davis, 3

2. 11 players

Wide Receivers

Wide Receivers:

Receiving Yards:

1. Jerry Rice, 215 yards

2. Ricky Sanders, 193 yards

3. Isaac Bruce, 162 yards


1. Dan Ross, Jerry Rice, Deion Branch, Wes Welker, 11 receptions

2. Tony Nathan, Jerry Rice, Deion Branch, Andre Hastings, Joseph Addai, 10 receptions

3. Ricky Sanders, Terrel Owens, Mike Wallace, Jordy Nelson, Santonio Holmes, Antonio Freeman, 9 receptions

Receiving Touchdowns:

1. Jerry Rice, 3

2. Max McGee, Bill Miller, John Stallworth, Cliff Branch, Dan Ross, Roger Craig, Ricky Sanders, Michael Irvin, Ricky Watters, Antonio Freeman, Keenan McCardell, Larry Fitzgerald, Greg Jennings, 2


Kickers (place kickers):

Most Field Goals Attempted (career):

1. Adam Vinatiari, 10

2. Jim Turney, Roy Gerela, Rich Karlis, Jeff Wilkins, 6

3. Efren Herrera, Ray Werching, Jason Elam, 5

Field Goals Made (career):

1. Adam Vinitieri, 7

2.Ray Werching, 5

3. Don Chandler, Jim Turner, Uwe Von Schamann, Jeff Wilkins, 4

Longest Field Goal Made:

1. Steve Christie, 54 yards

2. Jason Elam, 51 yards

3. Jeff Wilkins, John Kasey, 50 yards

Defensive Players

Individual Defensive Players:

Fumbles Recovered :

1. Jake Scott, Randy Hughes, Jimmy Jones, 2


1. Rod Martin, 3

2. Rodney Harrison, Dwight Smith, Dexter Jackson, Darrien Gordon, Larry Brown, Thomas Everett, Brad Edwards, Barry Willburn, Jake Scott, Chuck Howley, Randy Beverly, 2


1. Reggie White, Darnell Docket, 3

2. Dwaine Board, Dennis Owens, Otis Wilson, Leonard Marshall, Alvin Walton, Charles Haley, Danny Stubbs, Jeff Wright, Raylee Johnson, Chad Hennings, Tedy Bruschi, Michael McCrary, Simeon Rice, Mike Vrabel, Adalius Thomas, Justin Tuck, LaMarr Woodley, 2

Return Touchdowns (kickoff,punt,interception,fumble):

1. Andre Coleman, 244 yards

2. Tim Dwight, 210 yards

3. Jacoby Jones, 204 yards

Team Defences

Team Defenses:


1. Pittsburgh Steelers (2 separate times), New York Giants (2 separate times), San Francisco 49ers, Buffalo Bills, Chicago Bears, 1 safety


1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 5

2. New York Jets, Dallas Cowboys (2 separate times), Washington Redskins, Green Bay Packers, Baltimore Ravens, 4

3. 13 different teams

Fumbles Recovered:

1.Dallas Cowboys, 8 (4 own, 4 opp.)

2. Dallas Cowboys, 6 (1 own, 5 opp.)

3. Chicago Bears. 5 (1 own, 4 opp.)



Super Bowl Appearances:

1. Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Steelers, 8

2. New England Patriots, Denver Broncos, San Francisco 49ers, 6

Super Bowl Wins:

1. Pittsburgh Steelers, San Francisco 49ers, 6

2. Dallas Cowboys, 5

3. Green Bay Packers, 4

 Most Points In a Game:

1.San Francisco 49ers, 55 points

2.Dallas Cowboys, 52 points

3.San Francisco 49ers, 49 points

Least Points in a Game:

1.Miami Dolphins, 3 points

2.Minnasota Vikings, 6 points

3. 5 different teams, 7 points

Largest Margin of Victory:

 1. San Francisco 49ers, 45 points vs. Denver Broncos

2. Chicago Bears, 39 points vs. New England Patriots

3. Dallas Cowboys, 35 points vs. Buffalo Bills


Drew Brees - New Orleans Saints

Superman! Drew Brees

Amazing Records!

The Super Bowl is a great showcase of all the player's talents.  The games are almost always interesting.  For some people, they would rather watch all the commercials more than the  game itself!   There is also another popular tradition that comes along with the Super Bowl. 

The Half Time Shows

The half time show is a growing tradition during the Super Bowl.  You can always find one of the stars of the music world in the Super Bowl half time show.  Some of the stars that are featured in the NFL half time show include 2013's Beyonce, 2012's Black Eyed Peas, Slash, and Pit Bull.  The flashy lights and loud music will always put on a show!

Super Bowl Commercials

These are the best of the best! ***Warning*** Super Funny