Superfeet is one of leading manufacturers of orthotic insoles. This company got going in 1977 and hasn't looked back since. As you can well imagine, the insole has changed quite a bit in 30 years. One thing that hasn't changed, though, is Superfeet's commitment to high quality insoles. On their website, Superfeet compares a good insole to a good mattress. I really like this analogy so I'll summarize here. Basically, a mattress has to be soft in order to be comfortable. It also, however, has to be firm enough to properly support a human body. If you've ever slept in a bed that was too soft, chances are you didn't have a very restful sleep. This same combination of soft and firm is something to look for in a quality orthotic insert as well. All the Superfeet insoles are great examples of this.

The most popular Superfeet Insoles are found in the Trim To Fit series. These insert are purchased raw and then trimmed with scissors to make it fit the shoe of your choice. The cool thing about this company is they make inserts for a wide assortment of different boots and shoes. They have a specific insole for winter sport footwear like ski boots and snowboard boots. These,as with most insoles, do a great job of aligning the body and supporting the foot. This isn't the only thing they do though. Superfeet Winter Sport Insoles also regulate the temperature inside of the boot!

For those of us that aren't really sporty, Superfeet recommends the Casual Wear insole. These inserts are designed for folks that spend a lot of time on their feet. If you work in a factory or warehouse, chances are that by the end of the work day, your feet are really sore. This series of inserts work with your shoe to prevent lower back pain and general leg soreness. They also feature an antimicrobial material that prevents nasty odors from bothering your co-workers.

The most popular product in the Trim To Fit series are definitely the Green inserts. The Green Superfeet Insoles are designed for athletes of all levels. If you run, walk or hike, these are the insoles that you want to get. Many gym teachers have recommended them to students suffering from shin splints or sore knees. The only thing I don't really like about them is the fact that they're green... ehh!

Another thing that this company is known for is making an orthotic insole for everyone. With this in mind, note that they have both a wide series and a narrow series. Perfect if your foot isn't a normal size.

Besides the Trim To Fit Line, Superfeet also has a series of Easy Fit insoles. These don't require any trimming and are basically meant to give an uncomfortable pair of dress shoes a bit more support. They're available in both mens and womens sizes. If you wear loafers, laced shoes or high heels on a regular basis, you may want to look into getting yourself a pair of these. Check out my other articles on the Spenco Insole and the Powerstep Insole if you'd like. Thanks!