All living organisms need food to sustain life. Food is essential for survival and for nourishment as well. It is the most basic and primary need of man. A person who starves from food deprivation is prone to physical sickness, susceptible to the development of mental illness and may eventually die in the most extreme cases. Millions of people around the world have died from hunger. And until today, hunger is still one of the most major problems of society.

However, in this day and age of processed and highly commercialized food, there is another problem that a majority of people are not aware of. Because of the poor quality of food that is in abundance and are sold at the cheapest prices, a lot of people fall prey on the kind of food that is empty with nutrients and high in fat, sugar and empty calories. The development of fast food, junk food and processed food has taken a major turn towards the decline of man’s health. But the sad thing is, not a lot of people recognize this impending health threat.

Fortunately, scientific researchers, medical specialists and diet experts are now promoting and introducing a special kind of food category, that is still found in nature, that outperforms and excels among food in general in terms of nutrient density. This food group is called Superfood.

Superfood is a food category that is indeed a cut above the rest. Unlike normal food, superfoods are significantly dense with antioxidants and essential nutrients without adding empty calories into the body. They are able to address a lot of health and nutritional problems of this day and age. And best of all, it has been discovered that Superfoods are a proven and tested superior source of energy in which even minimal servings and intake is still jam-packed with vitality needed for superb performance. Amazingly, specialists have not seen anything of its kind that is able to achieve this. Superfoods are the answer to today’s growing problem on stress, fatigue and low energy levels brought about by the fast-paced, unhealthy lifestyle that most people are leading. All the more that Superfoods should definitely be incorporated into the diet for optimal health and revitalization to sustain the demands of life.

Superfoods, being an excellent source of vitality and energy, should be ingested daily for best results. The following are examples of Superfoods which are outstanding in boosting energy.

Ginseng - Ginseng is the best herb that can target stress. In ancient history, this herb was commonly used as an energy tonic in Asia. Ginseng is specifically beneficial when recuperating from surgery or illness. It has great anti-infection properties and restorative components. And best of all, it helps in the revitalization of the stressed and fatigued.

Bee Pollen – Bee pollen is considered the ultimate complete food that is found in nature. It is a natural by-product of fertilization of flowering plants which is collected by bees and formed into granules. It is found out to be of great benefit for extra nutrition and energy for athletes who seek to have the highest level of performance. Not only this, it is also a natural allergy antidote for sinusitis and hayfever. It also has great anti-aging properties that are geared in both physical and mental aspects.

Royal Jelly – This is a kind of milk-like substance that is secreted from worker bee’s head glands. It is said that queen bees survive entirely on royal jelly and she lives to be 40 times older than the rest of the bees in her domain. It is a natural powerhouse, jam-packed with all nutrients needed for life sustenance. And most of all, it is considered to be the richest source of pantothenic acid or Vitamin B5, which is vital for healthy hair and skin and combats insomnia, fatigue and stress.

Coconuts – Young coconuts are excellent sources of electrolytes in nature. In fact, it is a much better option than drinking sports drinks which are commercially produced and contain a high amount of sugar that is unnecessary. This is also the best drink to be rehydrated and energuzed not just in engaging in sports but in your activities of daily living.


Coconut oil - Coconut oil, which contains saturated fat, is actually very beneficial in metabolism, energy production and weight loss. Although it is a type of fat, it ironically benefits your body greatly because unlike other fats found in butter, meat and eggs, coconut oil is not absorbed by the body. Instead, it is directly accepted in the liver and then converted into energy.

Maca – Maca is sourced from the Maca root and is then turned into a typeof powder. It is a superfood indigenous to Peru which has been cultivated in the country for 2000 years. In history, it has even been consumed by Inca warriors to promote endurance and strength in battle. This is indeed still recognized as a very good source of energy and has properties that can promote sexual desire and fertility and can help immunity.

Truly, there is no food like Superfoods. The power of revitalization lies on Superfoods and nothing can truly compare to it. And if you want to have a regenerated body with a more abundant source of energy, Superfoods should be on top of your list.


Coconuts are one of the best energy-giving super foods in the planet.Credit: Bill Adams Bill Adams