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So, what are they?

The term super foods refers to foods that contain higher levels of nutrients than your standard grub, transpiring to give greater health benefits to those who consume them which is why it is good to determine which super foods are the best. Far from being magical and mythical foods that only exist in fairytales, many super foods are very recognisable and should be readily available in supermarkets. Of course there is no definitive list of the best super foods as it all depends on your dietary requirements; be it weight loss or just trying to be a bit more healthy! Here are a few of the most powerful super foods that should be included in any diet. It also contains super food ideas for making tasty meals!

What are the best super foods?


Avocados are great as they contain monounsaturated fat which has been suggested reduces risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease. The antioxidants avocados contain are also beneficial for healthy skin. For those weight loss fanatics out there, don’t worry about the fat as this type is fine.

‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away.’ So the saying goes, Apples are an example of a superfood that is well known, packed full of antioxidants to help with a range of health issues. Just remember to eat the skin as that’s where it’s mainly concentrated!

Blueberries are another easily accessible fruit, full of vitamins and antioxidants (blueberries have the highest amount of all fruits) that combine to help the immune system as well as improving the anti-aging process. Another example of a great super food that is cheap and healthy. Include blueberries in your diet and you’ll never go grey or get wrinkles! Well, probably not...


Broccoli is another great super food that can easily slot into a meal plan, allowing you to benefit from the nutrients that are packed in it. It helps to lower the risk of cancer, heart disease and high blood pressure, as well as providing good amounts of energy for the body.

Eggs are a wonderful super food, providing the best source of protein around! Containing all nine amino acids as well, they help prevent issues such as blood clots, strokes and heart attacks. Eggs will usually be staples in the diets of people trying to bulk up and gain muscle due to their high protein content.

Nuts are seen as perhaps the leaders in the ‘tasty yet still incredibly healthy’ snack category. Apparently, consuming 1.5 ounces of most nuts as part of a low cholesterol diet could reduce the risk of heart disease. Whilst most nuts are good for you, the best in the superfoods selection are Brazil nuts and almonds.

Oily fish – such as sardines, anchovies, salmon etc – help fight against Alzheimer’s, heart disease and cancer, and perhaps helps with depression. A weekly meal plan for adults should include at least two fish servings of these kinds as they are rich in omega 3. 


Super food ideas for cooking great meals!

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That concludes this list of some of the best super foods that the planet has to offer. As was mentioned before, there are loads more out there with the same as well as different health benefits just waiting to brighten up your diet! Whilst obviously every person’s dietary situation is different, you should definitely find a space to accommodate the mythical and legendary super foods in what you eat - they are cheap healthy foods that are good for you so you can't go wrong (unless you're allergic so in which case steer clear!).