You will see a ton of Supermans, Spidermans, and Batmans when Halloween rolls around; although those 3 characters are the most common, they are only a few of the hundreds of superhero costume ideas that someone can come up with. DC and Marvel have dominated the comic industry for the last few decades. With that being said, DC and Marvel practically control all of the hero and heroine costumes that are released around the Halloween season.

This article lists and describes 5 of the superhero costume ideas that you can execute on Halloween. I tried to pick costumes that suit different needs when writing this article. There are some Halloween costumes for men, some for women, ones that are cheap, and ones that you can make yourself. I would definitely read through these ideas if you are thinking about dressing up as a hero or heroine on Halloween.

Superman is One Of The Most Popular Superhero Costume IdeasSuperman Returns Adult Halloween CostumeCredit:

Superman has been one of the most popular heroes ever since he was introduced to the public; after all, who wouldn’t like a good looking superhero that is fighting to save the world from the bad guys. Superman is well known for the large “S” on his chest, and his ability to fly. The only downside to dressing up in a Superman costume for Halloween is that you will be in the same boat as nearly 50% of the people that are executing superhero costume ideas on that spooky night.

I would highly recommend using a costume accessory to set you apart from everyone else that is wearing a Superman costume. For instance, everyone that is dressed up as Superman for Halloween will probably be wearing a cape; however, not many people will be wearing a Superman belt to hold their pants up. This is only one example of the many accessories that you can incorporate into the superhero costume ideas that you are thinking about using on Halloween. Simply do a Google search for some hero and heroine costume accessories, and I am sure that you will come up with a few different options!

Dressing Up In A Spiderman Halloween Costume Will Allow You To Feel Like You Can Climb Walls

Flying is a great thing to have the ability to do, but there is something about shooting webs and climbing walls that gets a man’s adrenaline pumping! One of the benefits of choosinSpiderman Adult Halloween Costume-Size 42-46Credit: Amazon.comg to dress up as Spiderman for Halloween is that you will not have any additional wardrobe accessories to worry about; most Spiderman costumes simply involve a one piece jumpsuit, and cloth mask. However, you should consider any of the other superhero costume ideas if you want everyone to be able to see your face. I have never seen a complete Spiderman Halloween costume that left the person’s face exposed.

For an added effect, you should take a look at the “web shooting devices” that can be found on Amazon for about $6 each! These Spiderman web shooting costume accessories are simply devices that sit on your wrists, and cans of silly string at everyone around you. One of the greatest features about these web shooting costume accessories is that they only require an initial investment; you can simply refill them with additional cans of silly string once you have run out! There are a ton of superhero cDC Comics Wonder Woman Halloween CostumeCredit: Amazon.comostumes that you can choose from; these Spiderman ideas are only a few of the options.

Wonder Woman And Catwoman Are Amazing Superhero Costume Ideas For Girls Of All Ages

Unfortunately the majority of superhero Halloween costumes are based on the idea of the character being a man; however, it is entirely plausible for women to save the world! Our society is moving towards absolute equality; however, we still have long ways to go. Wonder Woman and Catwoman are Vinyl Cat Woman Mask-One Size Fits AllCredit: Amazon.comtwo of the most reputable and popular heroine characters. I believe that both of these heroine costumes will have the same effect; the only essential difference is whether you want to have a bright and flashy costume or a dark and stealthy costume.

The Wonder Woman costume will allow you to dress up as a flashy and bright superhero on Halloween; whereas, the Catwoman option will allow you to wear a heroine costume that is rather dark and stealthy! To be put simply, both of these superhero costume ideas for women will allow you to look amazing on Halloween; it is simply a matter of the costume that has the specific features that you are looking for.

The Iron Man 2 Costume Is An Amazing Choice For Halloween!

The successes of the Iron Man and Iron Man 2 movies have greatly influenced the increase in the superhero costume sales that are specific to the character. I must say that the Iron Man 2 Halloween costume looks much better than its first counterpart! With that being said, I have chosen this specific model (shown on the right) to be my primary choice out of all oIron Man 2 Mark 6 Halloween CostumeCredit: Amazon.comf the superhero costume ideas that are listed throughout this article. This hero Halloween costume simply looks cool!

There are literally hundreds of ideas in my head regarding superhero costumes for Halloween; I have chosen to list and describe 5 of the costumes that would suit the needs of the broadest audience. I can guarantee that everyone that reads through this article will find at least one hero or heroine costume that will suit their wants and needs.

Ultimately it is not only how you dress on Halloween, but also how you act on Halloween that will make the largest difference in how recognizable that you are. For instance, you can dress up in a Superman costume, but act very modest; doing this will not really allow people to recognize you are being dressed up as a superhero for Halloween. For the best effect, you should try to both dress up and act as a superhero would; saving the world by dressing up as a superhero one Halloween at a time!