Superhero Costumes are always a favorite on Halloween.

On Halloween night look around your neighborhood and count how many superheros you see. You will find that they are everywhere. There's not a boy about there who hasn't as some point donned a superhero costume at least once in their lives. You may even know a neighborhood kid who often wears his favorite outfit any day of the year and his om has probably told him once or twice that he can not wear it to school.

There is something about transforming into  a being with awesome super powers that we love. Maybe it's the fact that we wish we could solve the worlds problems and if we had superpowers, maybe we could. What ever the reason, it's fun and popular. And it's not just the boys having all the fun either. There are plenty of female heroine for our daughters to dress up as. Wonder Woman is probably one of the most popular along with batgirl, and supergirl.

The popularity of certain costumes always coincides with the release of a new movie. This year, 2011, we saw the release of the movie "The Green Lantern" and guess which costume will be one of the top sellers this Halloween. Captain America came out this year as well, a hero we haven't seen on the big screen. Neither of these movies got exceptional reviews, but they were a fun and exciting escape and great entertainment for kids. And it's the kids who get excited about the costumes. Once they get an idea in their head that they want to be Captain America, that costume choice is pretty much locked in.

Another movie that came out this year was "Thor" a movie about the Norse God of Thunder. Again this movie wasn't great but it didn't take long for costume companies to start designing it and put it up for sale. Many of these costumes are ready to purchase right when the movie is released in anticipation of early season costume sales. Remember, kids don't need it to be Halloween to wear their costumes.

The Transformers saw the release of a new movie and this means more transformers costumes sales. What kid doesn't live stomping around the neighborhood on Halloween night dressed up as a car that transforms into a robot. Or is it the other way around.

Many of these costumes come in all sizes for both kids and adults and most of them also come in a deluxe theatrical design. So, if you've got the money, as they can run anywhere from $300 to $1,000, you can go all out for this year's costume party and wear a realistic Batman The Dark Night ensemble.

Of course, it doesn't always take a movie to make a costume popular. There are superhero costumes that will always be a favorite with kids young and old. Superman and Spiderman to name just a couple, are such a part of american comic book culture that these costumes will be popular year after year. However, look for sales of these two heroes to skyrocket in the next couple of years. "Spiderman Reboot" is scheduled to be released in summer of 2012 with a brand new Spiderman character due to the untimely death of Peter Parker in the comic book series. His powers will be passed on to a new superhero. Also, a new Superman movie, "Man of Steel" is scheduled to be released in June of 2013 and Superman's outfit has gone through a complete makeover giving him a new, updated look.

Movies come and go and some are forgotten sooner than later, but Superhero Halloween costumes will always be a popular choice for kids both young and old. Who wouldn't want to save fight crime for at least one night?