Have a masked crusader running around your home and looking for just the right themed Halloween or birthday party idea? A superhero theme party can be a rock solid choice. And you can deliver a stellar one when you've got just the right superhero party supplies. Here you'll get a checklist of the most essential ones, along with some super superhero party ideas to nail the experience.

A Superhero Theme Party: Hitting The Perfect Note

Marvel Super Hero Mini Figure Set - Set of 8 Vending Machine Toys - Spiderman, Ghost Rider, Thing, Hulk, Captain AmericaSuperheroes are a big part of growing up. These days they're a big part of adulthood too, with all of the blockbuster movies that hit every summer. But when you're a kid, there's something about enjoying Spider-Man's adventures, seeing the Incredible Hulk smash, or watching Ironman don his suit that just brings out pure energy.

If your little one is one of the many with this superhero bug, a theme party celebrating his or her favorites can be an excellent surprise! Whether as a birthday party or a Halloween special event, a superhero theme party packs a wallop of fun. You can choose to focus on only one superhero (like a Spider-Man theme party) or open the gates up wide and celebrate the genre in total! The latter (which is focused on here) is a smart way to engage all the kids since there are more than likely lots of different favorites at any given party.

Superhero Party Supplies: Your "Must-Have" Checklist

However you go about it, you're going to need to start with the right party supplies to power up the perfect atmosphere. Never fear, the checklist here is your ticket to nailing it. It covers the musts that you need to make an event that the kids will love.

Marvel Super Hero Squad Invitations (8 count)Superhero invitations

Superheroes may appear unannounced, but that is never any good for a theme party! You've got to stir up the excitement for whatever the theme may be. This way the kids will have something to look forward to for the weeks coming up. Plus, if you want it to be a superhero costume party, this gives the parents the proper notice and time to prep!

Superhero wall stickers and balloons

Tying together the rest of your space is a big need to deliver a full superhero experience. There should be no corner of your room that doesn't feel the part, and that's easiest to accomplish with superhero balloons and wall stickers. Balloons look great in hard to decorate corners and wall stickers are a front and center decoration that can actually steal the show! Some of the superhero wall stickers out there are pretty fantastic.

RoomMates RMK1154SCS Marvel Heroes Peel & Stick Wall Decals
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Marvel Avengers Light up Cake Topper, DecorationA superhero cake topper (or a customized cake)

Having a great theme party, but delivering a boring cake is no good! This is the star of the show, so it needs just the right superhero cake topper to make it memorable. If you've got a bit of a baking talent, you can opt here for making your own superhero cake using a customized cake tin.

Superhero figurines

Make your space really fun by sticking superhero figurines all around the tables and other surfaces in the room. These serve a smart double purpose: not only do they make great accent pieces, but they can be superhero party favors that the kids can take with them at the end of the party. They'll love that option.

Superhero paper plates (and other tableware)

Think of the food table in your space as the Hall of Justice: It's where all your little superheroes are going to congregate. So keeping the theme alive there is important. There's a wide variety of paper plates, table covers, napkins, and more that feature all the biggest superheroes.

Superhero thumb wrestlers

What would a superhero party be without some epic battles? You don't want the kids hurting each other, so stick to some good old-fashioned thumb wrestling! With some superhero thumb wrestlers (they slide onto the tip of your thumb), the kids can pit their favorite heroes against each other in a really fun way.

Marvel Super Heroes Thumb Wrestlers
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Little Adventures Superhero Costume Mask for KidsSuperhero costume masks

If you aren't announcing your party as an official superhero costume party, you can still give the kids the fun of looking the part in an inexpensive way. Masks make a nice touch for your bash, and the children attending will love playing up the roles of superheroes (or perhaps even super villains).

Create-a-cape activity sets

Like the costume masks, you can deliver many fun ways for the kids to dress up! And this one has the additional benefit of being interactive. The kids can create their own capes which is a fun way for them to really think out of the box. You could even set up a "create your own superhero" party station featuring masks and all the things needed to create a cape fitting their newly imagined crime fighting personae. It's a really amazing way to get the kids involved with the theme. 

Super Hero Fun Create-A-Cape Kit Party Accessory
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Super Hero Fun 3D Treat Bags Party AccessorySuperhero loot bags

No young crime fighter should go home empty-handed from a superhero theme party, and you can even theme out the bags they take home with them! It's a simple touch, but a nice one that the children will certainly appreciate.

Superhero party favors

What do you fill those bags with? All sorts of party favors (or loot) that make great reminders of the day's awesome theme. You can throw in one of those superhero figurines (or have the children pick their favorites from the space). Other great choices include superhero temporary tattoos, stickers, and candy. Really there's a lot of things that can work as party favors, so put your imagination to work here. Remember, this bag will be the thing the kids remember the party by, so make it special!

If you cover these superhero party supplies, your event will be in great shape to deliver the goods for the kids! But don't stop there, there are lots of other great supplies that you can layer into your superhero theme party to make it even cooler. Think of the smiles you'll have among the kids when you nail this party, and get to it!