People get tattoos to make a personal statement, often to show their beliefs. Some people get a second tattoo because they became fond of it and can't stop with just one design on their bodies. Tattooing, in modern days, is considered a method to implement body art. Centuries ago, and even today in some cultures, tattooing is a part of spiritual practice. There's a wide range of tattoo designs available, from basic outlines to some breathtaking intricate patterns, all of which aim to express a specific meaning. Some customers go to a tattoo parlor without an exact design in mind. Most of them, when shown a collection of designs to choose from, go for Superman tattoo designs.

These days, some Superman tattoos are infused with tribal patterns. These tattoos are usually placed on the hands, neck or made to sprawl at the back of the bearer. Tribal superman tattoos vary in styles and designs, and adding your take on it, the possibilities are endless. Generally, when talking about Superman tattoo, what immediately comes to mind is a figure who is wearing the iconic red underwear costume. The Superman logo, which is the big letter "S", is a popular choice for a superman tattoo.

When choosing among Superman tattoo designs, you need to consider the meaning behind each tattoo design. Superman is a widely known superhero, one who is willing to give his life to save the world. Basically, a Superman tattoo symbolizes courage and selflessness. If you think you embody these values, then a Superman tattoo would perfectly suit you. A large flying image of Superman would look great in a part of your body where there's enough skin to accommodate the figure. Some people like to go for a much simpler design so they choose to get inked with a large letter "S" that is also an unmistakable symbol for Superman.

One of the most important factors to consider when getting a tattoo is the location. Large Superman tattoo designs would look ill-fitted in your ankle, simply because there's not enough area to hold it there. Huge tattoos are usually done in elaborate details and when you place it in a small area you will be hiding its grandeur and beauty. A more appropriate location would be the arm, hip or back. You should also choose the colors carefully. The colors make the tattoo come alive so make sure that you are comfortable with it and that it matches your personal style and the style of your tattoo.